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The Monster Sainsburys IS a Monster

March 1, 2010

Exactly how big is the Ashton Gate monster Sainsbury’s ?

The PR folks tell us the application will be for a 9300 m2 store which is 100,ooo ft2 in old money.  What does that mean? We know it is bigger than a football pitch-for instance  the new City of Manchester stadium playing area is only 7,140 m2.

We also know that the combined area of the current Asda Bedminster and Sainsbury’s Winterstoke Rd is a bit more than this at 9,859 sq metres.

Still not sure? Here’s a few pictures of the Monster Hypermarket superimposed to scale on some other areas of Bristol:

First up is Clifton Downs -definitely need a hypermarket there. Not much of the downs will be left here  sadly.

Ashton Gate monster Sainsbury's on Clifton Down

Ashton Gate monster Sainsbury's on Clifton Down

Next up -lets do a comparison with that cathedral of the modern shopping world, Cabot Circus.

Sainsbury's Monster on Cabot circus

Sainsbury's Monster on Cabot Circus

Sorry Harvey Nicks and House of Fraser, you’ve been swallowed.

Lastly here’s the view out of their window for all the council officers and local politicians,  College Green is just a bit of grass like a football pitch really.

college green sainsbury's monster

Sainsbury's Ashton Gate Monster on College Green

Well they would see it if the Council House wasn’t buried. Where’s the cathedral you say? Ah-under that bit of car park to the South. Park St munched and the old swallow hotel , swallowed.

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  1. harryT permalink
    March 2, 2010 10:12 pm

    Yes – lets have a supermarket on the Downs. There is clearly lots of space for it. I don’t think there would be any objection at all if it was on the Downs. I can see as many councillors supporting that as building on the green belt at Asthon Vale. That one would be a synch to get through planning.

    … oh. I forgot about class, wealth and power. Duh.

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