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Agent Orange team economical with the truth

March 2, 2010

When is a lie not a lie?

Take a look at this pre-application picture from the agent orange team:

Agent  orange team plan the Ashton Gate monster hypermarket

Spot the ball: clue its a ball shaped enlargement.

The eagle eyed will spot the subtle entrance/exit way on Ashton Rd. With your magnifying glass you may just read the underlying text:

“Alternative layout showing access from Ashton Road”

Those with short memories like me will remember the Tesno pre-application image which had the very same pedestrian only entrance in the same place.  Inevitably  this became a road traffic entrance/exit when the full tesno application appeared, usual Tesno  trick.

Why does it matter?  If  the alternative layout is not going to appear in the final plans then why say ‘alternative’ in the pre-application public consultation and show it as pedestrian only?

By highlighting this entrance on Ashton Rd the agent orange team flag up one of the main issues for planning refusal.  They have effectively admitted already that Winterstoke Rd will not cope with the 10,000 vehicle movements a day caused by the Monster Hypermarket’s hungry appetite for west country cash.  The narrow residential streets of Bedminster, Ashton and Southville will have to bear the brunt via Ashton Rd.

Agent Orange team : if this ‘alternative’ Ashton Rd entrance is not on the final application I will eat my hat. Salt & pepper, ketchup and pickled gherkins are ready.


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