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Lord Sainsbury vs Lord Ashcroft

March 4, 2010

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Sainsbury and Lansdown cash fever

Sainsbury and Lansdown plan their cash machine

Much the same way as the Belize banana billionaire Ashcroft bankrolled his way to a peerage and minister status, so the Uk’s favourite grocer David Sainsbury propped up new Labour and Blairs government in the late 90’s to get himself a well-earned top job in the government and seat in the lord’s. These unelected lawmakers share a few secrets in common but far be it from us common citizens to question their alleged dodgy distribution of  politically hot cash.

David Sainsbury (Baron Sainsbury of Turville if you’re interested) has donated £4.5 million quid of small change from his vast cash tills to the Brown government. Prior to supporting Labour he was a lib-dem bankroller. Now,  lo and behold he’s supporting David Cameron’s Eton rifles in their quest for election glory. This oligarch knows which way his sliced bread is buttered.  As Trade and Industry minister for instance he was at the forefront  of promoting GM food, despite his family trust owning GM investment company Diatech Ltd which just happens to hold the copyright to a key GM ingredient.

So maybe it’s no wonder our local labour politicians have come out in favour of their former paymaster in his monster hypermarket proposal for Ashton Gate.  Shame Dawn Primarolo can’t take a leaf out that principled former leader Michael Foot’s book and support the local population she’s supposed to stand up for. But money talks, and loads of money talks politicians into grovelling lackeys.

From the Ashton Gate Bloggers bunker I send this message to the Sainsbury’s oligarch and fellow super-rich Lansdown. You need to realise that there are Bristol citizens fully prepared for the onslaught and they will not lie down in the political servitude to which you’ve become accustomed.


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