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Giant supermarket swindle-the footprint

March 9, 2010

A creature not too bright nor good For human nature’s daily food

giant footprint over Bristol

sainsburys giant footprint over Bristol's Ashton Gate

It may seem odd for a family grocer but Sainsbury’s pioneered the UK hypermarket boom in the 70’s at least 20 years before their arch rivals Tesco’s introduced the Extra stores.  Remember Savacentre?  The now defunct name for Britain’s  answer to the giant Carrefour sheds over the channel was originally a Sainsbury’s joint venture with Bhs.

Once again Sainsbury’s seem to perceive big as beautiful.  As the sordid trolley-full of details of their giant supermarket swap swindle emerge over the next few days,  what is so bad for Bristol?

Here’s a taster:

Up to 1000 car park spaces.

Bulk weekly food – 90% plus journey to hypermarket by car.

10,000 plus vehicle movements/day

New NASA research Feb 18th 2010 demonstrates road transport/travel as key element of global warming.


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