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Ashton Gate Sainsburys-documents now online

March 11, 2010

A dealer in rubbish sounds the praises of rubbish

Anyone else think we should bill them (at consultants rates of course) for the amount of precious time spent reading their puffed-up application?

What a mountain of planning garbage from the megalomaniacs intent on singing the praises of this monster shed.

Here’s a few good ones to brighten up your day:

“The scale of the building relates to the immediate context of the area”

Yes of course if you say so like there’s lots of big sheds around here  120 metres long.

“All elements of the scheme are of a human scale allowing ease of use, comfort and safety.”

???  (insert monster scale)

“The proposed food store is of a size appropriate and consistent with the identified local need of Ashton Gate, being large enough to stock an appropriate range of goods for bulk food shopping and regular top up trips”

Guess who identified the local need -and yes we know, its a massive hypermarket that stocks food and everything else and everyone drives there.


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