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“Dear Lord Sainsbury OBC (Order of the Benevolent Cashtill) stuff your Ashton Gate Monster store plans… “

April 28, 2010

MP Stephen Williams and council leader Barbara Janke recently released a joint statement saying chain stores such as Tesco need to be regulated and have no place in an area like Stokes Croft.

They haven’t been quite so forward in telling Lord Sainsbury and Colin the Horse what they think of the Monster Hypermarket plan for Ashton Gate.

Get your specs on Janke and have an eyeball at the mouthwatering size of Sainsbury’s monster compared to Stokes Croft republic.

Republic of Stokescroft wiped out by the Ashton Gate Monster

Republic of Stokes croft wiped out by the Ashton Gate Monster

This Ashton Gate Monster store is near to the oldest shopping streets in Bedminster and threatening to wipe them out.  Never mind a tinpot Tesno express (we’ve got two of those already hoovering up the streets).  The Monster Sainsbury is on a different scale, of cosmic proportions .

Here’s a helpful draft letter to the Lord S if you’re too busy drumming up votes. Just sign and send.

sainsburys Letter

letter summary:

“please stuff your very large Ashton Gate Monster hypermarket plans up your very large backside”

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  1. April 28, 2010 11:31 pm

    Good comparison. The hypocrisy is mind blowing. So the AG Saisnburys would bury most of Stokes Croft, but it doesn’t raise a whisper of political comment, apart from a bare objection by Mark Wright and fullsome endorsement from our MP. Where is the Barbara Janke outrage? Ah yes, we forgot, you’ve probably got to be an Orangutan in Borneo to get a mention from them.

    So lets all wring our hands that the planning system cannot handle externalities like the impacts to biodiversity in a tropical country but remain silently complicit when the same things apply to a vast hypermarket which may pass planning laws here, but have wide ranging impacts on other places.

    Any idea what the size of the stokes croft tesco is in comparison to the 10,000m2 Insaneburys?

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