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Volcano update : Ashton Gate massive eruption threatens communities

May 9, 2010
ashton gate monster volcano

Ashton Gate monster volcano : spewing out hypermaket garbage.


The Eyjouatesscojökkerrsashtongate volcano was officially declared extinct in 2009.

But a newer and more dangerous eruption is now taking place and local communities of Ashton Gate and South Bristol are preparing.

The monster volcano dwarfs the previous one and the poisonous fumes and  dangerous fallout is threatening to wipe-out whole shopping streets and communities. It’s grumbling even now ready to spew out massive quantities of hypermarket garbage (cheap petrol, loyalty con-cards, free carrier bags, lava lamps, etc).

Monster volcano promoter, Colin the Horse has already flown through the cloud of objections in his private jet. He reported:

“I can see £50 notes, a huge amount, thousands of them!”

He really should listen to the scientific evidence advising everyone concerned about this monster hypermarket volcano. Its bad for everyone’s health, will make the  fatcats extremely fat, and whole communities will die early.



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