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Stevie ‘the preacher’ Landowner does a runner

June 11, 2010

Who’d have thought it?

The great preacher and saviour of South ~ Bristol, The Holy one revered by the true red fans, The builder of Hypermarkets, destroyer of Green Belt, the hedge-fund billionaire, the loyal citizen benefactor of Bristol and servant to the Great Financial Swindle Vision  (warning £17.6 billion under administration or management on behalf of private investors,  the value of investments can go down in value as well as up.)

The moneybags with World Cup dreams, a landmark corrugated plastic stadium as his legacy a….(ok that’s enough, ed.)

Anyway never mind that he’s done a runner to Guernsey to avoid the high rate of tax that us mere mortals have to pay.  So long as he gets his hypermarket and coughs up the extra spare cash to keep his fans happy, who cares. He can still get to matches in his private jet.

He will be pleased to join the large rogues gallery of filthy rich loyal British tax exiles:  including Lewis Hamilton, Philip Green, Phil Collins, Ringo Starr, Michael Caine,  Michael Ashcroft etc etc.

Good riddance I say, the condescending preaching from distant tax-free shores will no longer assault my ears.


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