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The Great Land Giveaway. Guess which council is GIVING away acres of land worth MILLIONS OF £££££ to a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE?

July 10, 2010

confidence trick n, a swindle involving money, goods, etc., in which the victim’s trust is won by the swindler

Land Giveaway proposals by Bristol council

Unelected full-time officers of Bristol Council want to give away millions of pounds worth of prime construction land to a multi-millionaire businessman. At a time when massive cuts are to be made by the  same council who now want to give  away the valuable  land owned by the citizens of Bristol. For free, to a man worth half a billion. But there will be many community benefits they say (use of a backroom gym for a few years?); ok everyone knows that old-lags trick. Invent a number of gym users; subsidise their membership by ‘X’ amount (you’ll still have to pay something, sucker), compare prices to posh David Lloyd; multiply by 365 days/year and chuck in 3 full time fitness instructors ; lo and behold £193,365 per annum benefit to the community, free.

Want a chuckle? Take a look at the Santa Claus list of community benefits  such as :

  1. ‘community naming rights to a small number of rooms and spaces in the new stadium’ free’……..2k /annum
  2. Rooms and spaces ‘free’ eg. 3 ‘free’ days a year for the Great Hall whatever that is at 4k/day………… £73.6k/annum ‘FREE’
  3. One ‘FREE’ day use of the pitch/year………£12k/annum ‘FREE’
  4. ‘Community trust’ putting the club at the heart of the community (you mean its not already?).  Like sponsoring charities and…encouraging people to take a pride in the  stadium -free for the community of course……value £25k/annum for 20 years ‘FREE’. Yes we know it looks like we’re charging the citizens of Bristol so that we can sponsor charities and be good community partners and convince them that they really like us -but its not really cash is it honest, there’s no money changing hands is there? Is there? These are just numbers we have to invent to justify being given millions of pounds of prime development land.

Makes for an amusing read  how all the community benefits we get for free add up to £370,365 per annum, cos no amount of BULL can hide the fact that none of this community benefit bull is free. We are all being asked to pay for it through the nose to the tune of millions of pounds in lost capital revenue for the Great Land Giveaway. And the club and its very rich owner are getting guaranteed contracts  worth millions in real terms (from the generous citizens of Bristol)

What secret deals have gone on behind closed doors in the great Council Land giveaway. Free land for the half-billionaire! NO public open debate on whether we want to give away millions of pounds in land for free.

Q: How many elderly and infirm will die because millions has been given to the rich bloke while the social care budget is slashed?

Q; Anyone get that smell of snouts in the trough?

  1. harryT permalink
    July 10, 2010 12:59 pm

    We need to find out which council officers are involved in this scam. There needs to be prosecutions here.

    £5 million is money this city cannot afford to lose. It is not funny that cuts are planned to essential social services and parkland planned to be sold off to keep the city running. But some officers who are acting for the people of this city want to make multi million pound gifts to the richest man in the city.

  2. thebristolblogger permalink
    July 10, 2010 8:42 pm

    Deputy Chief Exec, Jon House, and Alun Owen,”in charge of major projects” were touting this nonsense back in October so they may have cooked it up:

    House is fucking off sharpish to Cardiff at the end of the month having left a paper-trail free trail of havoc behind him. Vile man. I’d love to see him in a court where he belongs. However it’s Owen’s name on the report …

    The car park is managed by the council’s Property Services Department (who negotiated the original lease). the director responsible for that is the Finance Director, Peter Robinson, who provides the financial “advice” in the report.

    As far as I can see he says taking the money in cash and using it to reduce interest payments on council debt by £300k a year is a worse deal than taking subsidised gym memberships!

    There’s no discussion of how our money from a cash sale might be invested to produce benefits superior to subsidised gym memberships, which – let’s face it – wouldn’t be hard.

    How do we prosecute Harry?

  3. harryT permalink
    July 11, 2010 4:42 pm

    We could try this
    and sue for the loss we suffer as citizens of Bristol.

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