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Scrutiny Panel looks at Council/Landowner dodgy deal

July 15, 2010

At this very time the council scrutiny panel will scrutinise the Great Council Land Giveaway, and say they’ve absolutely thoroughly scrutinised the dodgy deal and can’t see anything wrong in giving away millions of pounds of council assets to the Sainsbury/Landowner conspiracy.

It’s all down to perception. The Half-billionaire Landowner has Bristol City Council over a barrel.  Because the deeper they get in with this megalomaniac, then the more they’ve got to lose.  Say for instance,  he threatens at this stage to throw his rattle out of the pram because elected members and local residents don’t agree with him, how much will the council lose? Lib-dem members have already done half the dodgy dealing as they granted the new stadium on greenbelt land, (not forgetting the fast food drive-thru’s, hotel, conference centre, car parks and access routes.)

The whole series of plans collapses like a pack of cards. The Lib-dems seriously lose face and probably a few seats. The council (thats us ratepayers folks) loses millions as they get sued and the sordid details of all the dealing behind the scenes comes to light. Even more serious would be the dent to the councillor’s vanity and officer’s ego-Every right thinking elected representative (and unelected overpaid officer) would love to have ENABLED the lasting legacy of a corrugated plastic stadium, ENABLED the World Cup beano and bunfest starring Sepp Blatter and the Goal that Never was Team;  drive-thru burger bars, posh houses for the rich on allotments and the first bendy bus route in Bristol. And the Arena???? Wow!

Not forgetting.. er… ENABLING the Monster Sainsburys and filling station on council land, but residents will soon forget that when they get all the extra nectar points.

So if the land giveaway oils the wheels of all these wonderful improvements, and helps out Landowner who claims he’s a few quid short, then its a good deal for the people of Bristol all round.

And its a good deal for the council teams, worthy in fact of a few ENOBLEMENTS.

Dame Janke of Ashton Vale

Lord Landowner of Guernsey-on-sea.

Don’t worry I’ll update you on tonight’s result if the scrutiny panel do their job and bin the swindle.


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