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Stone turned over

July 15, 2010

Dan Stone, council planning officer has gone for approval of the Monster Sainsburys Hypermarket.

Funny how the same bloke tore to shreds the shite Tesco application 8 months ago.

Anyone would think he’s been got at when he now tells council members to approve the much larger and  obviously more damaging Sainsbury Monster on stilts.

The amount of backtracking in the 100+ pages of planning garbage is like the joke about the Russians teaching the Germans how to ski backwards:

‘Look here chaps it’s only a bit bigger than the Pissco application and its not a new shopfront  fools,  its only an extension of the original…really.’

Yeh sure, Danny boy. The pipes are calling for you mate. Its a tough job I know.

I suggest a nice long holiday in, oh I dunno.. Guernsey?????


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