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August 23, 2010

The order of priority in a football club is driven by wealth. Never mind all the history of the club. Forget the passion and the highs and lows of winning and losing.

This is a business that breaks all the usual rules of business. Nearly every club in the country should be bust by now with players wages at obscene levels and chairman and directors and taxpayer owned banks having played monopoly money with the game. Lets all play football poker in the faint hope of everlasting glory. Bellamy transferred to Cardiff, a club that is bust, on extortionate wages, paid for mostly by a middle-east playboy syndicate owning premiership Man City. What’s that all about?

And yet they are still held up on a pedestal, beyond criticism (most of the time). Till the prodigal son bottles it and does a runner like Coppell.

Managers come and run, boards of directors been and gone, players good and bad, monster supermarkets appear and get the elbow.

Funny thing is the two groups of people at the bottom of the football tree are still around come what may. Yes, that’s us residents and football fans.

Which is why it so distasteful that directors at the club have chosen to use fans as a battering ram to get through planning an unpopular and community damaging hypermarket. Its hard enough supporting your team without having to support a supermarket chain and get wound up in a complex planning process. Thankfully a lot of fans know this and have asked Lansdown the right questions. And to be fair to him he’s come out and said he can afford to build the new stadium still, just wont get the World cup extension to 40,000 that the council will have to pay for anyway.

As for Sexton, he’s put his reputation on the line with the supermarket gamble and its time he came clean.

He’s used the fanbase to try to drive a wedge through the local community in order to get maximum hypermarket money from the clubs assets. This is cynical exploitation and shameful use of fans loyalty, and disrespectful to residents.

He has succeeded in drumming up a minority of people who think its ok to publish lists of objecters addresses and personal details (in the hope of the odd car-trashing or worse? Lay off it Ole, Mike Ford or whatever you want to call yourself-I’ll just say the ‘F’ word. We know where you live, where you shop, where you work etc etc but are not going down that road. We have never targeted fans or the personal homes of the directors. Have you heard us call for a boycott of the club or Sainsburys?). Sexton has sat quiet while an avalanche of vitriol and filth has been thrown at councillors, (the same council who gave permission for the new stadium and hand over millions of £££ in free land). Poor councillors have also been getting it in the neck from us, but not this time, oh well!

In all this is, fans and residents are not much different really, even though we are bottom of the football hierarchy. Some of us objectors are even footy fans and season ticket holders. We’re the ordinary folk thrown into world of obscene wealth, dodgy dealing, tax havens and council chambers. When all we really want to do is watch our team win, go down the shops, walk our kids safely to school and go to the pub and have a nice pint.

When the dust settles we’ll still all be here.

Comments board fully open now for a good rant.

  1. Richard Lane permalink
    August 23, 2010 8:58 pm

    Your comment “The order of priority in a football club is driven by wealth” is incorrect.
    The priority is driven by a desire for success, if you have a wealthy club/chairman it helps to achieve that success.
    Who wrote the rest of this for you?
    As for your claims that you have played it fair, what a load of tosh.
    The accusations are flying around yet again about Sextone and Lansdown. You have veiled threats regarding where people live and work.
    You say “He’s used the fan base to try to drive a wedge through the local community”
    would that be the real local community, or the one you live in which wanted to ban the club from the community partnership and bans free speech when it makes you out to be a fool?
    On the basics site there was no more than 40 posters in the six or so months it was running, 10% were in favour of the scheme, so that didn’t leave an awful lot of the community complaining did it?
    There was two people running and commenting on the site, about four other main protagonists, so all in all 30 people from the community bothered to comment about the plans on the main opposition site. Small figure for a community of over 22,000 residents.

    The vitriol and filth came from some objectors, George and Alice at the meeting and subsequent comments on the site. the opposition invited and used every possible organisation to oppose this scheme. Used lies, accusations, exaggerations, ridicule, offensive remarks. Claimed to be impartial while being a green activist.
    Worn many different hats to portray a wider field of objection and generally played it dirty.

  2. August 23, 2010 10:50 pm

    Excellent rant -you’re still talking the usual rubbish.
    Football is a cash till out of control.
    The Sepp Blatter circus in town (salary secret but £800,000+extras)
    The FIFA Swiss based charity ripping off South Africa for tax-free billions.
    Brian Barwick, Treisman, Gordon Taylor….millions in salaries and payoffs.

    Meanwhile Portsmouth pay St John’s Ambulance 20% of what they’re owed.

  3. Richard Lane permalink
    August 24, 2010 9:13 pm

    You only describe my post as rubbish because you’re unable to understand it.
    If there were references to monsters, or it included lies, accusations, exagerations, and wild claims you may well have grasped it.

    We are talking about football in general aren’t we? Not just the hirearchy that do have untold wealth of which you refer.

    If you do understand my post, prove me wrong (as in the numbers opposed to the plans). Though I doubt you will attempt, for fear of exposure.

  4. August 25, 2010 6:53 am

    “Superficial analysis is what anyone would expect from a cheerleader for supermarket chain.
    The game is awash with unreal cash – a money laundering machine.
    Fans and residents are insignificant pawns in the playboys playthings, until the directors decide to use you as monster hypermarket cheerleaders.
    Listen to what Holloway says over wage demands as he tries to get a few players to stop him losing 6-0 every week against the big boys.
    Look how much Sky has pumped in to create this frenzy.
    Look at Cardiff- more concerned. over how many shirts with a B they sold than how many goals he scored.
    Beats me why any fans would want to follow the edicts of their Lord and Master like a sheep, and become a hypermarket cheerleader.

  5. Richard Lane permalink
    August 25, 2010 3:59 pm

    So, you have failed to answer any question or attempt to prove me wrong.
    All you ever do is talk utter rubbish and try to offend.
    This is why you have no other posters.

  6. August 26, 2010 12:17 am

    This is a blog ‘B-L-O-G’ not a forum for your supermarket cheerleading.
    If you want answers that you agree with try writing to your mate in Guernsey or Sean Beynon.
    Counting posters on blogs? Doesn’t mean a lot -someone called richard lane could beat the rest single handed. Best look at viewing stats which are very detailed. I’ve got plenty of people reading my stuff. Thanks for your interest.

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