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Exclusive : New Sainsbury’s application literally just over the road.

September 2, 2010

As everybody knows by now the old sainsburys monster hypermarket application that was thrown out is just over the road from existing one.

Like hell it is, con-merchants.

Ashton Gate is about 10 minutes hike along a traffic choked, gridlocked trunk rd. Longer with pushchair or disability.

Laughable it would be, except they’ve said it so often now that people including intelligent councillor’s start to repeat the same rubbish.

Many people will by now have been lucky enough to receive that handy piece of spare toilet paper that is the ‘Focus ..on Southville’ ( ie. lib-dems propaganda sheet). The prospective council candidate Lena Wright gushes forth on how the (lib-dem?) council threw the monster out because … was too big. She then goes on.. “I don’t oppose Sainsbury’s moving their store over from Winterstoke Rd….blah blah blah..” of course she means over the rd from their old store. Well good for her because she’s obviously noticed that there is nearly 8 acres of prime redevelopment land over the rd from the existing store. That is REALLY over the road, not ten minutes DOWN the rd. Opposite, on the other side, as in you could see the new store directly in front of you from the old store.

Once Sainsbury’s expert retail analysts have done their sequential test homework properly for the new application they will realise that the old Hamlet factory really and honestly on the other side of the rd is ideal for a new supermarket. And maybe decide they could stay where they are now. Telephone Burston Cook estate agents for the low down.

Meanwhile, a few old Hamlet ads for the money-men at Ashton Gate, (Ahh! Life’s not that bad!).

  1. Richard Lane permalink
    September 3, 2010 10:40 pm

    So, they are going to negotiate the purchase of a site twice as big as the one they’ve signed an agreement for, (subject to planning).
    A site which is no closer to the main population of the area.
    A site which is no closer to the main infrastructure of the area (Cumberland Basin flyover).
    A site that the majority of the local population need to cross a gridlocked rd (as you claim)
    A site that will probably cost them twice as much due to the size, with no more chance of planning permission than at AG.
    Where do you dream these things up?

  2. September 4, 2010 12:06 am

    Size matters. They may as well go for the trebling in size.
    Hamlet factory is ideal for a 200,000 sq ft hypermarket. Don’t know why they’d bother with the very expensive and troublesome old football ground with the Hamlet factory now available.

  3. Paul Mizen permalink
    September 4, 2010 6:18 pm

    I have to agree with Richard on this one. Moving to the cigar factory seems pretty unlikely to me. I wonder how much Sainsburys really want to move. I was not impressed with them at the planning enquiry. The urban extension at Ashton Vale seems pretty unlikely so that may have affected their thinking. My friends who shop there say it’s pretty quiet at the moment and they have just sent me £32 in free shopping vouchers which seems strange for a store thats “over trading”. South Bristol has become quite competetive for supermarket shopping.

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