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Exclusive (again), Sainsburys put in new application for reduced size monster hypermarket

September 7, 2010

Within the next week all of Bristol will hear the news they’ve been waiting for. Sainsbury’s the family grocer will reapply for planning at Ashton Gate with a reduced size store.

They will make a serious concession in view of the fact that the last application was chucked out by the planning committee.

This time the application will be for a Monster Hypermarket fully ONE metre square smaller than the previous application.

Councillors will be minded to approve the application (nothing to do with threats, intimidation or blackmail over appealing the last application that was dumped unceremoniously).

  1. Richard Lane permalink
    September 7, 2010 10:49 pm

    Absolutely brilliant.
    We now have two exclusives from your overworked imagination, the first was rubbish, so is this one the same?
    Perhaps this time the councillors will be able to make a decision without a group of 30 or so sensationalists bombarding them with all sorts of propoganda and exagerations. The sort of stuff that claims massive support from the local community (the only group not represented) yet has nothing other than the same 200 names on the letters of opposition, using different addresses and group titles.
    Who will Ben Barker speak for next GBCP, WI?
    How independent will the resident of Chipping sodbury be?
    What will the real reason be this time, for George and Alice’s opposition, a threat to their market?
    How will the campaign for rural England approach this one?

  2. September 7, 2010 11:01 pm

    And the Hypermarket cheerleader group=
    1. You, not local resident.
    2. Wealthy bloke in bunker on Tracy Island, somewhere in the Channel.
    3. Colin the Horse ex-local now posh resident of Clifton.

    You’re outnumbered by 197 local residents -that’s democracy.
    Get over it.

  3. Richard Lane permalink
    September 8, 2010 4:49 pm

    22,800 plus local residents of Bedminster and Southville did not oppose the application.
    They weren’t even asked for their opinion by the self elected representatives of those areas.
    The two hundred in opposition were not all from the area, a great number were not even from Bristol, though they feel they can influence it’s democratic process.
    What on earth did that application have to do with the campaign for rural England?
    There is no justification for their involvement, nor Tony Dyers, Ron Morton, DRAG, SOGS, HOLA or any of the other fringe groups that opposed that application, it was nothing to do with them.
    They were only involved to further their own campaigns or ego’s.

  4. bsk permalink
    September 8, 2010 5:33 pm

    Hear, hear.

  5. September 8, 2010 7:33 pm

    Invoking the silent majority does not wash. These people could equally be against the hypermarket. Have a walk round our streets and you will be hard pushed to find anyone in favour.
    Fortunately for residents the elected councillors called the bluff on the hypermarket application. They asked the right questions to the planning officer and experts. They asked for verifiable reliable data-there was none, so the application was duly binned. Only a couple of daft councillors who are part of the Landowner/JT design/Simon Crook conspiracy voted in favour.
    Sexton sent out 15,000 pro-forma letters to fans begging them to send in to influence the hypermarket decision-and only got a handful of replies. Only a few noisy fans chose to act as cheerleaders for a supermarket chain.
    Non-residents like yourself are entitled to your opinions-no need to keep slagging off residents who disagree with the hypermarket con.

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