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Landowners wrath “I’ve been robbed.”

September 19, 2010

Spoiled his nice new rattle

Hargreaves-the Tweedledum of the Tweedledee partnership that’s cleaned up the UK financial markets once boasted that he was the highest paying uk taxpayer, poor chap (as well as having a general rant on all things Bristol council).  Apparently he also enjoys growing cabbages in his large vegetable patch, so he can’t be that bad. Be a bit tricky doing that in Monaco.

Giving partner Lansdown due credit, although he has done a tax runner he’s got loyalty to where the wealth came from and has supported and wants to invest in his Bristol City football club.

Trouble is like a lot of magnates and tycoons they expect everyone to crawl up to them in servitude due to their extreme wealth. Bit of a throw back to feudal times when the Lord of the Manor lent you a plot of land to grow some grub for your family in exchange for a lifetimes servitude. If you were lucky.

This countries got an unhealthy amount of respect for the landed gentry from feudal times who still squat on most of our land. Ditto the small number of recent fat cats and entrepeneurs who have mastered the wealth of the country for their own personal benefit.

So its a bit rich when a man wealthy beyond the dreams of most people complains that a Town Green recommendation is like theft and will cause him to lose money. This green space means the world to hundreds of people who unlike him can’t up-sticks abroad when faced with the destruction of their neighbourhood. Generations of families enjoyed the rare wetland meadows of Ashton Vale Fields long before the crazy council desicion to infill the area with builders rubbish. And long before Lansdown took a gamble on massive planning gain and reversal of green belt and bought the site on the cheap. Their way of life and community will be stolen if he gets his way.

It’s a pity that Lansdown in his attempts to satisfy his fans and progress his club has chosen a collision course with so many residents from South Bristol.  Guernsey based Lansdown and his Clifton sidekick Sexton have continued to berate the people of Ashton Vale, the council and everyone else in their fury at not getting their own way. They’ve set out on a collision course from day one to batter through the Monster Hypermarket and massive building site on the green belt however inappropriate and damaging.

Now there’s a few spanners in the works its hard to feel sorry for them. Between them they have made it very hard if not impossible to build bridges and find a way through.


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