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‘Stig’ of the Dump Sexton minces up words

September 21, 2010

The Stig has at last been unveiled as a resident of Clifton. Stig of the Dump Sexton-the unacknowledged world expert on tips, dumps and landfill sites. And he doesn’t mince words as he likes to tell us, endlessly. So according to him Ashton Vale fields and meadows are a landfill site, ‘lets not mince words here’.

Remember the good old days when you could drive up to the edge of the quarry and chuck the sofa, parrot cage, lava lamp and wardrobe over the cliff with a satisfying crash? The place would stink of rotten vegetables and everything else, thousands of seagulls squawking and a monster Israeli style bulldozer with spikes on its tracks munching up the detritus of human civilisation. Now that’s what I call a landfill site. Fortunately we’ve moved on a bit since then.

Except The Stig, who insists, every time he opens his trap, that The Ashton Vale Town Green site is a landfill site. Does it look much like the landfill sites of yore? And it has it seen the inside of a skip for twenty years? So what exactly is this ridiculous Stig talking about? He is doing exactly the thing he says he’s not doing and that is mincing his words. Its can just as easily be called a former rare marshland and wetland meadow before the council decided to infill it when they didn’t know any different. And if you go back far enough you can call it a former grazing area for Woolly Rhinos and Mammoths.

So by mincing his words when he says he’s not, he’s appealing with moral indignation that somehow he’s got a God-given right to concrete over the 20 acres.

Good job nature doesn’t mince words. The Ashton Vale fields are a wonderful example of how the natural world reclaims what us humans damage-take a walk over there and wonder at how quickly nature has restored it. We are the custodians of a limited and finite natural world, that needs our help and protection.

The Stig needs to take a step back and stop mincing. Some things are more important than, lets not mince words, two dozen men kicking a pigs bladder.

  1. harryT permalink
    September 21, 2010 1:06 pm

    Sexton’s comments conflict directly with thr clubs own evidence to the Inquiry. He conflicts particularly with the club’s witness who was the land fill depot manager. He aloso conflicts with all the documentation on waste licenses and with the aerial photographic evidence.

    1. 30 of the 42 acres (fields 2-6 in the inspector’s report) have never been tipped and have been SNCI since at least 1982.

    2. the only field to be tipped was field 1. That field was not tipped at all along its northern part, where the ground was already raised. Nor within a good distance of its eastern and western boundaries, where it would have contaminated the brooks (see then evidence at paras 365-376).

    3. the tipping took place only between 1986 and February 1989. By June 89 at the latest (the date of an aerial photrograph) the land in field 1 had been earthed over and grassed.

    4. the current appearence of field 1 is due to the 2009 borehole studies carried out by the developers, where they drilled ouit the old builder’s rubble and left it all over the surface, an act which enraged local residents.

    It is difficult to understand how Mr Sexton’s comments can be so far from the truth. A truth which the club knows from its own evidence.

  2. harryT permalink
    September 21, 2010 1:15 pm

    oh – and the tip was licensed for builder’s rubble. Not for household waste.

  3. Chris permalink
    September 21, 2010 4:28 pm

    And it has it seen the inside of a skip for twenty years? Errrr, um… ok.

  4. September 21, 2010 5:39 pm

    sorry my sentence gort a bit minced up

  5. thebristolblogger permalink
    September 21, 2010 5:43 pm

    In fairness, when Colin isn’t mincing around talking about his “landfill site” his enraged mates at BCFC’s supporters club are telling us Ashton Vale’s “a dog’s toilet”.

    Funny that, because “a dog’s toilet” is exactly what Colin, his boss Lansdown and the politician-in-their pocket Simon Cook have made of their efforts to build a stadium on Ashton Vale.

    Where did they get their advice from? A passing tramp offering free advice to major developers in exchange for a litre of White Lightning? Their utter arrogance combined with their utter incompetence has certianly been a joy to behold.

    Meanwhile, my sources at the Counts Louse tell me that privately they are conceding there will be no stadium at Ashton Vale …

  6. Chris permalink
    September 22, 2010 8:35 am

    So a leak to you up on your high horse is seemingly OK, then?

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