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Sextone and Lansdone’s worldwide appeal : ‘we will force through our ambitions’

September 24, 2010

Handy having a database of 50,000 fans worldwide to use when you want planning permission for a monster hypermarket, and a new stadium on green belt recommended for town green status.

Aug 2009: Club chief executive Colin Sextone urges “silent majority” to back the club’s plans.

Oct 2009: Steve Lansdone spells out the bottom line: No foodstore, no stadium.

Oct 2009: Steve Lansdone calls on City fans to make their voices heard in support of club’s plans.

A year later nothing seems to have changed

Sep 2010: “Bristol is a city united in wanting a world-class stadium and not a village green on this site,” he said. (Sextone)

Also useful having the Evening Lost to publish a stream of propaganda:

‘BCFC now has the backing of more than 16,000 names on different petitions against 42 acres of scrubland being designated as a town green’. Ahem, thats three petitions: e-petitions, supporters trust, facebook, may be a few duplicate names there.. Not quite scrubland either Evening Lost imbeciles-its mainly rare wetland meadows the subject of a special nature conservation and interest order.

So how do fans feel about being continually used as unpaid planning law donkeys? Some definitely enjoy getting riled up about anyone opposing the plans as encouraged by Lansdone and Sextone.

18 Sep 2010: “We can lie down and accept [the inspector’s report] or stand up and fight. I promise you I will work tirelessly to fight it.

“Please help me with this project. Please come forward with information. We are Bristol City Football Club and we do believe.” (Lansdone)

Latest word from Sextone:

“We want people to show their support in the proper way,” said Mr Sexstone. “We want them to write to their MPs and councillors. To do it properly rather than anything else. We don’t want any personal attacks. People have a right to their own views.”

At last Mr Sextone has chosen a few words to distance himself from hostile intimidation that the club has encouraged from day 1. Some posts on the BCFC fans forum have included sniper rifle targets aimed at people on green fields. It may be tongue in cheek and removed now but you don’t gain friends that way. The folk of Ashton Vale are ordinary people trying to preserve their neighbourhood and should be respected for what they’ve achieved in the face of massive odds against them.

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  1. StillWaters permalink
    September 25, 2010 10:18 am

    After reading the comments of support in favour of the village green, we have now created an e-petition at – this should be ‘live’ within three working days, please add your support!

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