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Expense scandal: new stadium project costs Bristol taxpayers nearly £750,000 (so far)

September 25, 2010

Nothing like a headline expense scandal in the local rag. Had a laugh at The Evening Lost headline on Saturday? About the £35,ooo expenses of the Town Green status (because of the stadium proposals)?

Large Sums of Cash they forgot to mention :

  1. The process to bid for games in the 2018 tournament has cost        £182,822.
  2. Contribution towards the England 2018 marketing budget              £250,000
  3. Losses on a big screen in Queen Square in 2010.                                £270,000                        (deemed important  part of 2018 bid as demonstrates ability to create fanzone.)

The council has spent almost £50,000 on marketing, £13,803 on staffing costs and £4,426 on travel so far.

Why does the Evening Lost forget to publish all these costs in addition to the Town Green expenses?

Luckily the embarrassingly profligate £££££ world cup bun-fight costs are available on the BBC as a result of an FOI enquiry.

If you went into Paddy Powers tomorrow would you stick £3/4 million of hard earned cash that’s not yours on Bristol being a world-cup city in 2018? That’s how much of your money the councils deputy leader Simon Cook has gambled with (though he reckons pretty good odds of 200:1 to win £150,000,000).

That’s  the equivalent of 478 annual council tax bills gambled by the councillor for culture, sport and capital projects.

  1. September 27, 2010 8:45 am

    On second thoughts if I did have a big wedge of someone else’s cash I may well nip in the bookie’s.
    Odds on England getting the 2018 tournament are now quoted at evens-due to prediction from Paul the psychic octopus. Trouble is this statement a couple of weeks ago doesn’t look good for Simon Cooks gamble on Bristol as host city:

    Andy Anson, chief executive of the England 2018 bid stated, “ we believe we are presenting the best of English facilities and an honest reflection of what we are offering across the length and breadth of the country. All candidate host cities have a valuable part to play during this week and they have all been exceptionally supportive and co-operative during our planning. “

    He went on to state, “England’s bid is based around stadiums and facilities that are already in place and already being used on a regular basis and so there is minimal construction and planning required.”

  2. September 27, 2010 6:41 pm

    Ashton Vale Fields are very important to the Ashton Vale Community for recreation, relaxation and exercise – and have been used, unimpeded & continuously for over 60 years.

    In addition to being a Site of Nature Conservation and an important Wildlife Corridor, the area is also described as The Lungs of Bristol. It has been described by Avon County Council as ‘an area of semi-natural marshy grassland.., the site’s mosaic of wet grassland, open water, ditches, hedgerows and scrub is particularly important for wintering and breeding wildfowl and waders’.

    Significant evidence has shown beyond doubt that the site has been in continual use by the local community for over 20 years. If the Council follow this recommendation, Ashton Vale will retain it’s unique identity and open spaces for the use of future generations.

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