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Cornish pasties saved from Sainsbury’s

October 19, 2010

‘This is Cornwall’ last year reported on Sinsburies greed merchants appeal for their Tavistock supermarket plans. These got thrown out on appeal luckily for that town:

A Government inspector said it would have an adverse impact on the town centre, adding: “I fear for the effect on its vitality.”

Andrew Pykett, the inspector, was particularly critical of the location, which he said would attract largely car-borne shoppers who would be unlikely to walk, drive or use buses for linked trips with the town centre.

That was last year. More recently in July this year at Alton, Hampshire a Tesco appeal was thrown out by the inspector:

Tesco Appeal Decision Alton

1.    For the reasons given below, I dismiss the appeal. Main issues

Having read the written representations, considered the evidence given at the Inquiry and carried out accompanied and unaccompanied visits to the appeal site, Alton town centre and other parts of the town, I consider there are three main issues in this appeal. The first issue is whether the proposed development would cause significant harm to the Vitality and viability of the existing town centre. Secondly, whether the proposed scheme would be likely to provide an adequate choice of modes of transport or increase reliance upon the use of the private car. Lastly, whether the use of the local highway network in association with the proposed development would have a significantly detrimental effect upon highway safety and the free flow of traffic in the area.

This was for a 6000m2 store with 300 car spaces, half the size of the monster proposals at Ashton Gate. Different location but all remarkably similar principles at stake : the well-being or damage of the local area.

Why are the Sainsbury’s greed merchants bothering to appeal (other than greed)?


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