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November 4, 2010

Take a look at these random photos of Winterstoke Rd and the Cumberland Flyover.

winterstoke Traffic 1

Winterstoke Rd evening rush hour

Winterstoke Traffic rush hour: from Clanage Rd

Winterstoke Traffic rush hour: from Clanage Rd

Winterstoke Rd Traffic rush hour.

Winterstoke Rd Traffic rush hour.

This doesn’t happen once a year on Halloween. This happens every day at rush hour-the modern day Zombies- intelligent humans thinking we have so much freedom in our tin boxes but in reality are road-raged zombies stop-starting from one jam to the next, at exactly the same time each day. Zombie-like slaves to the modern developed world.

Car dependency is forced on us by the greed merchants of unsustainable development. Jobs, workplaces, housing, Monster Hypermarkets all forcing us into this modern-day slavery, the 21st century rat-run. The multi-national greed merchants, the King Kong Sturge real estate salesmen, the politician with an ear to a vote and an eye for the flatterer are the crooks and criminals in this game. Their mission statement is no charitable endeavour. They have no altruistic intent. Their drug is profit and profit at any cost.

Fortunately there are an increasing number of dedicated people willing to give their time and energy to secure safe and sustainable communitys for the future. There are politicians who have taken this on board and are striving to counter the wealth and power of the Profit Barons.

A new application for the already discredited Monster Sainsbury’s will once again cast a shadow over South Bristol. The 10,000 plus cars and trucks a day at the junction above and all the surrounding residential streets is the stuff of nightmares. The Zombie rat-run Nightmare is perilously close to reality.

Attention all residents and concerned citizens, the  Zombie Monster Hypermarket Nightmare threat is once more. Don’t let the Monster Hypermarket gas our kids.  Don’t let your way of life be ruined by the Monster Hypermarket Zombies of Profit and Greed.

Campaign against the Monster, preserve your shops and community, lay claim your streets.

  1. Still Waters permalink
    November 5, 2010 1:03 am

    The new plans are a barely-tweaked version of the original – laughable really!

    This development ‘has’ to be so huge because Mr SL ‘needs’ the huge cash input (£49mill) that only a megastore can provide. City planners disagreed, but were ignored by councillors star-struck by World Cup Host fantasies (it’s all in the planning reports if you don’t believe me).

    I understand the carbon footprint of the new petrol station alone will be 29 million tonnes a year.

    And why are Sainsburys coveting this land? Because they’ve been turned down for similar sized developments everywhere else in Bristol by the Council.

    They’re hoping to feed off SL’s ‘exceptional development’ bull that pushed the fast-tracked the stadium through planning, in order to claim ‘enabling development’ sympathy on this area.

  2. will permalink
    November 5, 2010 1:14 pm

    Still waters,
    Sainsburys have been turned down at simmilar sized sites, you are right, but in this instance they are also closing a store a few yards down the road, so effectively if you take the size of the current sainsburys away from the plans you get a much, much, smaller site than they have been refused at, The current store is in bad shape (crowded and poorly designed).
    with these plans the traffic can move more freely thus meaning less build up on winterstoke road (IMO) add in to these plans the housing that will be built on the current sasinsburys site and we get a very worth while development plus a hell of alot more jobs for the locals (badly needed and necessary in the current economic climate).
    They have also revised plans for road improvements, said that they would allow people to park and visit northstreet (meaning less cars and improved shopping experiance in that area) and they have improved connections for buses and cycling.
    The petrol station will replace the current one down the road (and is being built on Brownfield) and thus will make no difference to the environment.

    What problems do you still find with the plans? and which of the reasons the council had for turning down the previous application do you believe have not been solved with this submission?

    As for the photos, in the top traffic I see motion blur meaning the traffic is in fact moving, Traffic like this is common at RUSHOUR in CITYS. winterstoke road is a main road that many commuters use to reach the south of the city from their jobs (the ring road and connection would remove this problem)

    Second picture one car using road at the top( no problem) the traffic moving to the right of the picture is as a result of the difficult junction (you should be urging council to rectify this, I am) One freely moving car to the left (no problem).

    Third picture shows difficult junction mentioned above (cars having to stop and merge onto a fast moving road, either speed limit should be lowered on this stretch or a new merging lane created.

    Finally I see there are no time stamps on these pictures and as you say they are taken at rush-hour in the only MAIN ROAD from the north to the south west of the CITY.

    The old plans included road improvments and I was happy, and from what I have seen of the new plans, they have improved the improvments, big bonus.

  3. bobs permalink
    November 5, 2010 6:21 pm

    Will – I can barely see those cars for the motion blur !!!

    Why don’t you just say – I want a football club and I don’t care what it does to the people of Southville and Ashton Vale. It would be a far more honest approach.

    Your suggestion that the city’s biggest supermarket being placed in a resdiential area won’t cause traffic chaos is fiction.

    And as for creating jobs, there are lots of ways to do that without destroying two communities. There are no shortage of brownfield sites, even in Southville and Ashton Vale, which could be regenerated.

  4. Will permalink
    November 5, 2010 6:51 pm


    don’t call me a liar, you don’t know what I think, and I find it highly insulting that you are writing slanderous things implying that I don’t care about my friends and family that have lived in southville for hundreds of years.

    And I said that sainsburys have pledged to improve roads to avoid disruption, this store is in a less residential area than the current one the main access off the MAIN ( non residential) road, with a retail area next door, and large industrial estate across The road/ next door.

    actually I can’t actually think of a better place for it, main road access for those living further into south bristol (highridge, bedminster down etc..) public walkways for southville and bedminster access ( not road access very little traffic would be in southville and bedminster unless they got lost), and a nice free bus for Ashton vale.

    I’ll ask you again, What problems do you still find with the plans? and which of the reasons the council had for turning down the previous application do you believe have not been solved with this submission?

  5. November 5, 2010 9:04 pm

    To clarify the times for the photos was evening rush hour this summer close to 5pm. Its true the traffic does move, slowly.
    I think the point is that the peak periods are of main concern with the road network struggling to cope at present. The anticipated traffic volume of 10-12,000 vehicle movements a day will be concentrated at this end of Winterstoke -which is significantly a different focus from Sainsburys at present which is more than a few yards away. Even excluding the current level of traffic at existing Sainsburys, there will be a massive increase. With the potentially gridlocked junction here especially at critical times with a match at the new stadium -then its likely that North St, Coronation Rd, Duckmoor Rd etc will become the favoured rat-runs to the Monster Store or just a route out of the jam.
    New plans for store are not online yet so unable to comment on any road alterations.
    Sainsburys are claiming that a hypermarket at Ashton Gate will be nearer residential areas than the current one. Not much evidence for linked shopping from Ashton Gate to North St either, (current parking at Aldi is more likely to link shopping).

  6. Will permalink
    November 5, 2010 10:41 pm

    re linked shopping, my view is it would encourage current sainsburys shoppers to venture into north street, I would say If you know of aldi/it’s carpark you would know of north street and it’s shopping options.

    do you not think (like you’re photos suggest) that this troublesome junction and road needs improving(sainsburys or not)?, it’s my view that if sainsburys are willing to pay for it that’s great. but I can see if you are against sainsburys full stop it’s of no consequence to you. I just hope that people weigh up their options now, I would hate to see people campaigning for council money to sort out roads next year when we could have got done on lord sainsburys expense.

    I used to be pure anti-consumerist ( still got my adbusters subscription and blackspots) but my views have slowly changed and here I am typing on my iPhone and working in PR. I have accepted that you can’t change / judge the majority when you are a minority.
    I used to be against everyone who didn’t agree with me and my anti consumerist clan. then I realised that you can’t take a firm stance on a blanket statement I now prefer to judge each case as I see it. on this occasion I see more positives than negatives ( i admit i was happy with the old plans also )

    This of course just my view ( I admire anyone who can be truly independent from corporations, but I haven’t met any, though I have met Alot who have tried) To many people sainsburys ‘is’ it’s local shop they don’t know any different and are content to give their money to them ( have the same feelings towards them as I my independent butchers) but you can’t blame them or deny them a nice shopping experience, you can only be sure with your own actions and let other people decide for themselves.

  7. November 6, 2010 12:22 am

    True that people don’t have the same angst about Sainsburys and many people are happy to shop there. Its a bit odd that you can think of a Football pitch sized hypermarket as your ‘local’ shop-surely there is a contradiction here. Not the Sainsburys family grocer of old.
    The Hypermarkets knock on effects on traffic, pollution and current retail centres have been demonstrated for both the previous applications. This is a massive store-biggest in South-west for the company and possibly UK. It will have a big footprint and impact. Whatever road alterations are suggested they may be unacceptable and not be enough. Remember the last application wanted to dual a section of Winterstoke from the junction above removing verges, cylepath and impacting on well used footpath to Ashton Park school. Pedestrians are already battered by a series of difficult road crossings and underground passes trying to negotiate this vehicle dominated area already.
    I see it only made worse-but will wait on the plans.

  8. November 6, 2010 12:39 am

    Also Will

    I now prefer to judge each case as I see it. on this occasion I see more positives than negatives

    I guess you have somehow seen these plans already. Perhaps you could enlighten me with a few details of the ‘more positives than negatives ‘ of the new proposed road changes?

  9. November 6, 2010 12:46 am

    And Will

    implying that I don’t care about my friends and family that have lived in southville for hundreds of years.

    for how long have you and your family lived in Southville?

  10. Will permalink
    November 6, 2010 1:40 am

    I was as I said, happy with the previous plans, and from what I have seen in the evening post bedminster people etc… of the new ones they have yet again improved those little extras ( I have not seen the extensive list (I am pleased with the environment rating especially), or complete details yet of course, but what I have seen has pleased me) most of these benefits I have posted about above.

    I still stand on the fact that many people do see sainsburys as their “local” , they have local workers and many people have the same customer care relationship with these workers. as I do with my butcher.

    as for my family conections I am Great-Grandson of George Taylor and Grandson of Reg Taylor both are featured in this news story from not long ago

    Most of my family on that side have lived at one time or another in Parson street Bedminster

    The other side of my family, I know less about. I do know my great great grandfather was given an award ( by, i think the city) for firefighting he was listed as having grown up in bedminster, his GrandDaughter (my grandmother) worked in the tobacco factories , as did my grandFather. and lived in Bedminster whilst they grew up and until they died.

    as a family we have spread I have uncles and aunts and cousins in bedminster, bedminster down, shipham, filton, Knowle, Nailsea, Canada, Long Ashton and amongst many others Aswell Southville.

    So do I pass as being aloud to not be described as “not caring for ” my relatives and friends that live in and around Southville and Bedminster. just because I don’t think the same way as you and bobs?

  11. November 6, 2010 9:07 am

    Very interesting -sad to hear the Taylor business was closing. Nearly went to the auction and bid on the vintage truck-hope it found a good home? I don’t suppose many people beat you for family tree round here.
    The concerns of locals over the giant store are genuine. I have problems crossing the streets already with the kids. A hypermarket this size will be a massive draw from a wide region. I don’t relish hundreds more vehicles an hour outside my front door. Its not going to be the local Sainsburys that our Grandfathers swore by. Times have moved on from the Hypermarket boom of the late 70’s. People now realise the damage they do and want to stop this one before its too late.

  12. Richard Lane permalink
    November 6, 2010 7:41 pm

    It’s nice to see the more civil side to your posts.
    On the subject of traffic photographs, it would be just as easy to post pictures when there are no cars at all using those roads, though you chose to show the rush hour.
    I think it would be fair to say that anyone using the new store during the rush hour (unless they were passing) or, prior to and after a football match would be making the wrong choice, it would be rather silly, but no doubt some would.
    I think it more likely that the store would be less busy at those times and also during the school run, which some people claim will be dangerous for the children, how many people do their shopping between 8 and 9am? After, or befor the pm school run, yes.

  13. Brian Tompson permalink
    November 7, 2010 1:22 am

    I assume you are talking about the Bedford (Its lovely isn’t it, granddad put alot of effort into restoring that) I don’t know who bought it or where it has ended up, but who ever did has taste.

    Back to Sainsburys, I can understand completely why you would feel this way but I don’t like the way you and some other posters on this blog have gone about your objections (sorry). It has been suggested that because I am a Bristol City fan, and am in favour of the New stadium at Ashton Vale I am biased in my view of what happens re the supermarket, now you can believe what you want, but I am sure in my own mind (which is all I can be) that I have looked at the issues with the supermarket and traffic and North Street traders and have just come down on the otherside of the fence.
    I would not want to North Street ruined, Its a place I like very much and want it to continue to thrive as a trading street. I don’t think extra traffic would ruin The road, In my view one of the worst crimes that this council has done is close East street to traffic, this passing trade from cars was what made it the thriving bustling trading street it was when I was growing up (akin to Gloucester road and ‘sort of’ North Street.) when they put up those bollards the road went with the traffic now there is very little going for the area. It also as it happens, cuts off one of the alternative routes across Bristol (maybe this explains some of the traffic at “Brunel way”). Sainsburys has accepted to create traffic calming in the streets most effected including crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists.

    I cant see that there would be that many more cars than the current store (wasn’t it said that the vast majority of the new space would be White goods and electricals? people don’t go out buying a new washing machine every-week or everyday so I don’t see how the basic use of the store would increase the traffic movements that much “10 -12’000 car movements a day ” what are current car movements How much of an increase is it to get to 10’000?

    I also don’t believe that North street traders would be effected badly, I cant see Sainsburys rivalling any of the shops on North street bar possibly the Tesco Metro (odd the way that got planning) and the Newsagents ( though the current sainsburys does have a newsagents anyway I think as is the nature of convenience stores, people visit the most convenient) I do though hope that the newsagents is far enough away (more residential) to be more convenient for most.

    Where do you have trouble crossing with your children? hopefully the plans will have crossings in-place (do you think the council would bother? they never have before), I know I was pleased with the improvements to Ashton Road I saw in previous plans.

    Of course this is all just my thinking and working out from what I have seen from the previous plans, and I admit I haven’t seen the revised ones in extensive detail (are they online yet?) You are perfectly entitled to have your view But it does seem to be entirely negative, if you are against Sainsburys thats fine but to refuse to see any of the benefits!??

    I did find it annoying that my reply to bobs was (for want of a better word) ‘ridiculed’ by yourself …

    –“”Also Will
    “I now prefer to judge each case as I see it. on this occasion I see more positives than negatives”
    I guess you have somehow seen these plans already. Perhaps you could enlighten me with a few details of the ‘more positives than negatives ‘ of the new proposed road changes?””–

    This was a bit mean as it was taken out of context from a reply to Bobs whose comment started with the sentence…

    “”The new plans are a barely-tweaked version of the original – laughable really!””

    I was referring to the draft of changes printed in the Evening Post and on Bedminster People, sorry if I gave the wrong impression, Had bobs seen the new plans ? (and he may have, I don’t know who he is! but theres every possibility) if not why was he not told to explain his views on the changes? ( Its obvious, but still)

    Again I hope you will allow me to have my view, and trust me that its not through some “hatred” of Southville or Bedminster that I am in favour of these plans I genuinely thinks its a good thing.

  14. Will permalink
    November 7, 2010 1:24 am

    ^ Oh yeah and I’m “Brian Tompson” aswell(got bored of him), forgot to change the inputs on this computer whoops!!

  15. Richard Lane permalink
    November 7, 2010 12:14 pm

    Another wonderful piece of fiction.
    I don’t believe you, I don’t need to look in the reports, I know.
    The planners actually agreed that the store should go ahead,they recommended it for aproval.
    The coucillors you say were star struck actually disregarded the planners advice, so weren’t as you say star struck.
    The petrol station replaces an existing one, so minimal if any increase in carbon footprint.
    As for the £49m, where did that figure come from?
    The figure from selling to Sainsbury’s is about the £20m mark.
    The stadium was not fast tracked through, it went through two planning meetings for the access and the stadium, the first meetings in both cases were deferred.
    So every section of this post is wrong, go stand in the corner.
    Or, go back to the RSPB site where there is more of your fiction and beg for more signatures for you and your wifes petition, they seem to believe it.

  16. BobS permalink
    November 7, 2010 6:40 pm

    Extra long boring posts don’t male your opinions any more valid.

    Have you read the tripe you have written ?

    – extra large supermarket will not result in much increase in traffic

    – bristol’s biggest supermarket will not harm local traders.

    The fact that football fans are vociferously supporting supermarket developments should tell all their is to tell.

    How dare you seek to blight the loves of thousands so your club can eak a few more million out of the commuinty. You should be ashamed of yourselves ( if you had any shame to start with )

  17. Will permalink
    November 7, 2010 6:57 pm

    believe what you want, your insults just show me what a hideous human ( if you can call it that) you are.

  18. bobS permalink
    November 7, 2010 9:59 pm

    Hopeless Will.

    You complain about insults (when there was none) with an insult.

    This relentless bullying campaign conducted across the coty’s media will only strenghten the resolve of your opponents.

  19. Will permalink
    November 8, 2010 12:30 am

    Well Bobs I shall reply to you one last time and the I am going to stop bothering to engage with you as you obviously don’t believe a word I say.

    “Extra long boring posts” – I see this as an insult.
    “the tripe you have written” – I see this as an insult.
    “The fact that football fans are vociferously supporting supermarket developments should tell all their is to tell.” – I see this as an insult, would you care to expand on what you have against football fans? I’m giving you the last word.
    “You should be ashamed of yourselves (if you had any shame to start with)” – I see this as an insult.

    I have been looking at your previous posts and see that you are rude, and allowed to get away with it because you and sacredSpring share the same views. a previous blog post saw Richard threatened with a ban for some fairly tame comments calling your bluff.
    these were nothing compared to the slanderous/ libelous comments about Bristol city and their fans, why is it ok for you to call me a liar and not the other way around?
    I am sorry sacred but from what I have seen you are open to debate and conduct yourself well, the same can not be said for your friend, I am disappointed you allow him to speak to people like this on your blog, it doesn’t reflect well.

    bobs, Born and raised in Bedminster I think I have just as much of a right to an opinion as you. it’s a shame you don’t allow me this.
    I apolagise for rising to your goading in my previous post.
    it is with regret that I am ending my correspondence with you forthwith.

  20. bobS permalink
    November 8, 2010 9:07 am


    I am a football fan and have been all my life. The club I support from childhood is one famed for its connection to its community. Whilst I have only been in Bristol some 10 years, I have taken my son to Ashton Gate many times to see his local club, expecting to witness similar values and traditions.

    This last two years, since the illegal destruction of the hedgerows in Ashton Vale, I have been horrified by the actions of the club and some of its fans towards the local communities they inhabit – Southville and Ashton Vale. I say some fans, because a majority of those opposing the clubs plans are BCFC fans – albeit many have struggled to maintain their support in the face of the attacks on their communities.

    The local population has been subjected to slander after slander. That they lied about their use of Asthon Vale. That the whole of Ashton Vale is a rubbish tip. Slanders told without any reference to fact, document or even the witness evidence of the landowners own witneses (such as the farmer and the wasten tip manager).

    Now there is a new line of attack with repeated misrepresentation of accepted reality:

    1. That the club will not destroy the 30 acre decades old wetlands at Ashton Vale. Instead, it boasts that it will build one where none previously existed.

    2. (And you propogate this one in particular) that supermarkets, and particularly supersized supermarkets, will not result in increased traffic, will not damage local trade, will not damage the residential comminities in which they are based.

    These are assertions of fact that do not stand up to reason. But you and others seek to repeat them with Geobbels like efficiency, both by hiring PR firms to fill the local media and by trolling the message boards of the few blogs which provide any outlet to the volunteer ragtag opposition.

    I am entitled to attack your propoganda – for that is what it is. I am entitled to point out that it is selfishly propogated with the sole aim of advancing the financial wealth of the club and its owners. You have no entitlement to call me hideous and I have made no comparable attack on your appearence.

  21. November 8, 2010 9:58 am

    Essentially Bobs has explained why this blog exists. There are few outlets for the truth and the real cost to the city and residents of the Monster Hypermarket=New Stadium=World Cup conspiracy.
    From the outset the club with it’s wealthy benefactor has spent massive sums on this project.
    Including blanket media and pr promotion, with its constant positive spin.
    Fortunately the internet can give the rest of us not blessed with tax-free millions a voice

    And er ..I’m not running this blog to promote BCFC’s campaign, for anyone stumbled upon this site by accident. If you want to preach from the ‘Hypermarket is all good and wonderful’ bible expect to be criticised.

    If I went on the soccer forums to promote the greenbelt I’d expect a rough ride.

  22. November 8, 2010 10:10 am

    The Ikea + Eastgate outlets create their own rush hours such is the size of the stores and the catchment area. Sunday it was doubled back to the motorway up the slip roads at 12.30 and 3.00.
    And no I wasn’t part of the Zombie traffic hoarde getting dosed up on flat-pack.
    The potential traffic nightmare at Winterstoke rd and all the surrounding streets is real. And there’s no 4-lane motorway to help out.

  23. November 8, 2010 10:42 am

    Tesco metro north st didn’t need planning consent-the old shop was cash-save mica diy. Anyone who lives around here knows how bad the traffic is -even with 20mph limit. Other areas of Bristol are equally dominated by road traffic. Nothing new there.
    We know why it gets worse-brand new car dependent, 800 parking space, regional monster hypermarket destinations. Just need to say no for the third time and bin the huge monster store for the last time.

  24. Richard Lane permalink
    November 8, 2010 7:26 pm

    Your claim: “From the outset the club with it’s wealthy benefactor has spent massive sums on this project. Including blanket media and pr promotion, with its constant positive spin.
    Fortunately the internet can give the rest of us not blessed with tax-free millions a voice”

    Can you tell us exactly where and how much the club and SL have given to the local media to promote thier plans, or even an example.
    You keep coming out with these claims yet you have never actually proven any of them.

    Are you saying that SL/the club have paid the local media or it’s operatives to give favourable reports?

    Or are you saying that the club/Mr Lansdown have paid the local media to promote their plans using advertising. I don’t remember seeing any advertising, so it must be the former that you are claiming. Where is the proof?

    It would be nice for a change for you to attempt an answer.

  25. Richard Lane permalink
    November 8, 2010 8:16 pm

    Just being picky here but how can the 4 lane motorway help the traffic flow at Ikea if as you say, “the traffic was backed up the slip roads”. This would obviously mean that the traffic was coming to Ikea via the motorway.
    That store is used by people from within a 100 mile radius, so there is going to be traffic at those junctions, especially at the day and times you mention.

  26. Richard Lane permalink
    November 8, 2010 8:30 pm

    The main problem with traffic at that branch is because of the lazy delivery drivers and the non existent policing of the traffic restrictions.
    Wardens were patrolling recently during a delivery and did nothing about it, their objective is to book parked cars.
    What is Tess Green doing about this blatant abuse?

    The store would have needed a licence to sell wines and spirits, plus planning permission for the shop front and a cashpoint.
    You missed an opportunity there to stop the ongoing expansion of another monster capitalist organisation, didn’t you.

  27. November 8, 2010 10:22 pm

    Richard – can you tell me what £2 million of ‘fighting funds’ taken from BCFC accounts goes towards then? (It’s in their accounts for all to read).

    PR agencies that supply the majority of the content of BEP’s posts maybe? Appearance fees possibly?

    I haven’t seen a breakdown of the numbers, but I (and I can bet a big chunk of BCFC fans too) would love to see them.

    It’s know known that the club are attempting to ‘persuade’ the TVG applicants to withdraw their application by offering ‘incentives’ (I call it something else, but that’s my opinion).

    Maybe there’s your £2 mill of club fighting funds?

  28. Richard Lane permalink
    November 8, 2010 11:13 pm

    Still waters
    I would assume that the figures you refer to, are as a result of paying members of staff on the development team, planning fees to BCC and NS, the ongoing payments to architects, the costs of legal teams to fight the TVG.
    Do you really think they are for bribes? These things don’t come cheap you know.
    Do you really think the figures are not open to scrutiny by the accountants, there is a legal requirement of accountants to inform the authorities of irregularities in the accounts.

    The truth is that you know nothing about the funding. You use supposition to raise questions on what are no doubt perfectly innocent expenditures.
    PR fees? Appearance fees, who to? Name them.

    Most of the EP stories are statements from councillors, opposition members or from the club, as a result of events. Plus any letters/comments from an interested public .

    The majority of the stories are written by members of the EP news and political team, I don’t think they would be very happy in the knowledge that they were being accused of taking a bung, by you and Sacredspring.
    I doubt you’ve been reading the stories properly, take your green glasses off.

    As for Incentives offered to the applicants, are you suggesting which I think you are (again), that they are trying to bribe these people.
    Surely the sensible thing to do in any dispute is to negotiate a reasonable outcome acceptable to all parties. That way the dispute will not be protracted in the courts and ultimately more costly in time and money.

    Anyway, you get back to your rallying fictional letters to the twitters of the RSPB and Hawkwind and we’ll see if Sacredspring answers the questions.
    Don’t hold your breath though.

  29. November 9, 2010 12:06 am

    nice to see you’re stalking me – must have made an impression!

    ‘paying members of staff on the development team, planning fees to BCC and NS, the ongoing payments to architects, the costs of legal teams to fight the TVG.’

    No, I believe those were covered by other ‘stadium costs’ in the accounts. Do you need ‘fighting funds’ to pay your builder?

    ‘Do you really think they are for bribes? These things don’t come cheap you know.’

    I haven’t mentioned bribes – how do you know how much they cost, btw? Oh I forgot, you’re a developer 🙂

    ‘Do you really think the figures are not open to scrutiny by the accountants, there is a legal requirement of accountants to inform the authorities of irregularities in the accounts.’

    As I said (read carefully next time): I haven’t seen a breakdown of this £2million, but I’d like to if you ever see a copy.

    ‘Most of the EP stories are statements from councillors, opposition members or from the club, as a result of events.”

    Ok, so can you state categorically that it was BEP (or Ian Onions, rather) that made the first move to gain these quotes, and arrange for MPs to meet up and sign a letter, and bring out ‘known’ club supporters/executive directors, or would it be more likely that a paid PR agency sourced the quotes, set up the photo opportunities and then passed them on? I know Ian’s ‘patch’ and it doesn’t cover Ashton Gate – amazing how a political editor gets so caught up in a building argument.

    ‘As for Incentives offered to the applicants, are you suggesting which I think you are (again), that they are trying to bribe these people.
    Surely the sensible thing to do in any dispute is to negotiate a reasonable outcome acceptable to all parties.’

    Ok, let’s define a bribe: “Generally, something offered as an inducement to alter another person’s view or standpoint, to the benefit of the inducee”

    Does that sound like a fair definition?

    Negotiation never happened. SL steam-rollered this through in the egocentrical belief that “Might is Right”. It’s a commonly-held opinion by BCFC supporters that the World Cup was only a ‘lead swinger’ for the development (much like the hyped Arena and very vague ‘reports’ of the expected income and jobs from such a development – if they have been published publicly, I’d love to read them)

    (btw, you’ve missed quite a few environmental forums that I’m a member of, keep digging!)

  30. November 9, 2010 12:47 am

    Richard-as usual you make lots of noise but your content is looking a bit desperate.

    Richard I don’t do Q&A sessions-unlucky.
    Have I nothing else to do but sit here trying to digest your supermarket spin and BCFC PR, only for you to continually come back with ever more desperate comments?

    But occasionally you do come out with amusing gems such as
    the idea that BCFC hasn’t got any marketing resources – quite funny.

    The facts remain that the Monster Hypermarket will draw over 10,000 vehicle movements a day, with no knowing what the maximum number could be. This proposed new regional hypermarket will be a traffic nightmare.

  31. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    November 9, 2010 1:58 pm

    This is back to where I came in, the issue of traffic and congestion. Unfortunately, Bristol has a track record of building in the wrong places, from new hospitols, bus stations, and even airports, and I do believe that this falls into the same category. As I’ve said before, it’s not all about Winterstoke Road. The Parson Street Giratory will take the brunt of the increases from S Bristol. Ironically, the congestion here often allows less of a build up in Winterstoke Road. And then of course there is the A370/Brunel Way/ Flyover which in the morning rush hour is as bad as almost anywhere, bridge swing or not. After 20 plus years as a “white van man” I could write a thesis on traffic in and around Bristol but not here. All I would say is this is already an area with congestion, espescially at each end of the working day. They are also not easy to avoid by taking an alternate route. Even if you accept the “experts” view that traffic will only increase by 10% it will be difficult. If you think that a supermarket which will near double in size will create much more, then things will most likely be intolerable.

  32. Will permalink
    November 9, 2010 2:17 pm

    There is rarely any trouble on the long ashton By pass, I use it everyday. It is basically smooth sailing, especially since they introduced the car share lane. maybe they could consider this on other roads that get increased traffic volume during rush hour. I don’t think that we should live with the bad roads, lets change them and get Bristol moving again.
    Ideally we will get the ring road, pretty much clear the rush hour traffic in Winterstoke road.

  33. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    November 9, 2010 2:31 pm

    Hi Will. Not travelling into the city during rush hour. As for the car share lane.I always referred to it as the “road rage lane” because of the numbers who abused it. As for the Ring Rd. now incidentally called the Link Rd, surely that will exit onto the A370 causing more problems there. Sorry, it won’t happen in near future and will just transfer traffic from one place to another in anycase.

  34. Will permalink
    November 9, 2010 3:47 pm

    It doesn’t matter if people abuse it or not it still reduces the number of cars on the road. Most people obey the law.

    The ring road (now “link road” as it only has to “link up”) would not “just transfer traffic” it would provide a better link to where people want to go, meaning people would be at their destination and off the roads quicker, Whether Going in-to, out-of the city, or to the otherside.

    And yes I was referring to rush hour on the By-pass (hence the car share system) I rarely have a problem, and on the rare occasions its no more than you would expect driving into a ‘Major City’ at ‘Rush Hour.’ People who get road rage should not be allowed to the roads.

    You all seem to be complaining about the current roads but don’t seem to want anything done about it?? its very odd.

  35. November 9, 2010 4:23 pm

    Er..haven’t you noticed Will that a few people are campaigning for less cars while the Greed Merchants want’ to dump shedloads more traffic on us???

  36. Will permalink
    November 9, 2010 5:09 pm

    No you are complaining about the current road system, posted many pictures at the top ^ complained that the state of the “roads can’t support the current traffic let alone, extra that the Supermarket would create.” The amount of traffic on these roads is going to increase Supermarket or not.
    why not let the supermarket create better roads to relieve the problem?

  37. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    November 9, 2010 5:44 pm

    I don’t know if it was by coincidence, but the pictures above show the very route my neighbours, friends, and relations will have to take if they continue to park at the stadium for games, new stadium of course, to get back to South Bristol. Now before anyone says it, they can use Yanleigh Lane or even Barrow Gurney, but it won,t be easy!

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