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Lib-dem vote YES PLEASE to flog off our greenspace.

November 17, 2010

“I swear by Apollo the physician and by Asclepius and Hygieia and Panacea… to bring the following oath to fulfilment.”

What happened in the council house yesterday. Oh dear!

Lib-dems vote on mass with no exceptions to flog off the city’s green spaces identified by their experts as underused etc.

Never mind all those annoying noisy citizens that want to preserve their green-spaces. Take note voters.

Add that to the Lib-dems vote to destroy the Green-belt at Ashton Vale with a corrugated plastic stadium and you start to get a picture of how the ruling councillors view greenspaces.

Their argument is that they need to sell off  (er …and giveaway-alderman moores former allotments to Lansdown for zero cash?) green space to raise cash to preserve greenspace. Totally and utterly bonkers.

They could instead get local residents to form groups to look after and raise funds for their local spaces. Plenty of examples around the city of this-kind of big society devolution to the wards. Could even dish out some of the s106 mountain gathering dust in council coffers.

Trouble is highly paid officials and consultants have to justify their work on an expensive Area Green Space document. Can’t then bin it easily and lose face. Greenspace document has at least raised awareness of locals of hitherto unknown council landbank and how easily they can boot-sale our city’s assets. Once they’re gone they’re gone.

Here’s something for the council bean-counters to mull over:

Annual deforestation/degradation of Brazilian Amazon forest: 2009 approx 0.18% of forest area.

Bristol parks forum estimates 3% of park and greenspace area up for grabs in council vote. That doesn’t include Ashton Vale greenbelt destruction or other greenbelt under threat.

That’s a destruction rate of 15 times that of the Amazon Rainforest, in a city with about  3000 times the population density of the Amazon basin.

Makes you think doesn’t it? Any lib-dem councillors out there?


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