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Evening Lost gives a balanced view, or not.

March 16, 2011

The unbiased local rag now gives a page to ‘both’ sides of the lamentable stadium and sainsburys story. As though the utter toilet roll of a daily was paying a penance for its community-busting support for a mega-superstore. It laughably prints the picture of four people as though they were contributers to the article, including Keith Millen who hasn’t touched the issue with a bargepole.

In fact its a series of ‘letters’. One no-brainer thinks that no local residents care about applications for other developments. The half-witted moron then lays into local residents as if he has found some magic pugil stick from his lucky-bag, and everyone should bow to the conceited whitchurch wombats¬† superior knowledge of our local planning issues. Fact is this guy is probably a figment of editorial imagination. Because nobody can be that stupid to think that the co-op store at heli-beds actually needed to apply for planning permission, could they? If the moron is just plain ignerent (!) then that’s fair enough, I’d expect no more from a non-resident lansdown cheerleader.

Another so-called letter just goes on another personal attack on the anti-group. The arrogent fool thinks he’s the only one entitled to an opinion. Probably lives in Brighton like the online gambling mogul flown in to give a cringeworthy rendition on how wonderful their new stadium is. That supercilious suit plucked out at the sainsbury planning meeting like a paul daniels rabbit really made me want to reach for the stadium sick bag.

  1. Richard Lane permalink
    March 16, 2011 8:52 pm


    You disappoint me. There was I expecting a post full of misrepresentations of truth, attacks on the local media, attacks on people writing to the media that h0ld different views than yourself. And generally a torrent of name calling abuse. And what do we get?
    An informed, reasoned, well researched, well written and unbiassed acount of the extra section of letters printed in the local paper.
    What are you taking?

    For anyone that has not read the letters.
    One is from the infamous Ron Morton, once more championing his fight against greenbelt development, with his only reason being, to save the property values of his village in south Gloucestershire.
    One is from a girl trying to suggest that BCFC pay for the developments at Horfield to benefit BRFC.
    One is from a city supporter taking issue with another correspondent, nothing to do with the current issue.
    And another is referring to the opening of the Co op next to the Hen and Chicken. Pointing out that no campaign has been set up against this store. But he probably was not aware that permision was not needed for the store. But watch this space, as Pip and co might oppose it on increase of traffic grounds. But hey! what if hundreds more people started driving to North St to do their shopping, what would she do then?

  2. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    March 17, 2011 5:09 pm

    Hi Rich
    ” to save the property values of his village in South Glos.” Hardly fair. You could just as easily accuse me of saving the property values here on Bemmy Down which has never entered my head. To save the environment, yes: the quality of life, yes; wildlife habitat, yes; and the overiding reason that homes should be built on previously used land within the city, definitely yes. I don’t know Ron Morton very well, but most people I’ve met who want to protect the Green Belt don’t have protecting house values high on their agenda. Getting back to the subject, the EP find themselves in a strange position of having achieved all they can with their campaigning and are now not certain what to do next. The Stadium has permission, a whole forest of trees sacrificed for the World Cup, the unique step of publishing the names and pictures of the Councillors has had it’s desired effect, and the Town Green application meeting sworn to secrecy so that even if they do know whats going on they can’t print. So expect more letters, opinion and comment. The pot must be kept boiling but the problem is how! I don’t think I shall be tempted to write. All the important people read this site!

  3. Richard Lane permalink
    March 17, 2011 7:38 pm

    You admit to not knowing Ron Morton well. I know what his aims are. They are printed in his Shortwood green campaign website.
    His first objective for preventing development near his village was to oppose developments on the other side of the city.
    He says that they will set precidents for developments, so our first campaign is to stop the Tesco development planned for Ashton Gate.
    He does not care about the greenbelt in general, only the bit by his village.

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