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Behold, the landfill tip.

March 28, 2011

Ashton Gate Tip- designed by backward developers Lnasdown, Snaisburyies and Dem-Lib/Cons to become the biggest landfill tip in Bristol.

Shopping Armaggedon and the Hypermarket Dustbin of Bristol.

Shopping Armaggedon and the Hypermarket Dustbin of Bristol.

Hundreds of monster lorries will descend upon the sleepy tree-lined Bristol suburb. As they dump their cheap-as-chips loads from china in the tip, the constant rumble of the convoy of poison-belching 40 tonners is only the start of the misery.

A frantic bargain-hunting army of 20,0000 vehicles a day will descend upon South Bristol. With a demonic squawking seagull from Brighton circling overhead, the stuff of nightmares begins.

Snaisburyies guarantees that job promises will be dumped as soon as the dustbin site is open.

The waste transfer tip will not be in operation until all land-owners pockets have been lined in accordance with  Lib-Dem garbage world-cup-arena-new-stadium manifesto.

(Almost 40 per cent of supermarket food packaging cannot be easily recycled, according to 2009 study by the Local Government Association.The unnecessary packaging contributed to the estimated £1.8 billion councils spent on landfill tax between 2008 and 2011, increasing the pressure for increases in council tax.

DEFRA Statistics 2009 show that packaging contributes 18% of household waste)

Shopping Armaggedon and the Hypermarket Dustbin of Bristol.

  1. Richard Lane permalink
    March 29, 2011 8:10 pm


    Your wit is immense, I nearly broke a rib laughing. Sleepy tree lined suburb!
    Since when has this supermarket plan been relocated to Stoke Bishop, or Sneyd Park?
    You surely can’t be referring to the sleepy suburb of Ashton can you? Where the roads are regularly gridlocked (according to you), where residents gardens are full of rubbish leftover from the chavvy hordes that attend football matches and block their driveways.

    Keep up the good work.

    PS. I heard that Mrs Browns boys are looking for new comedy writers, give it a go.

  2. March 30, 2011 7:52 am

    You are doing you and fellow fans an injustice by describing yourself as a chav.
    In fact the roads aren’t quite gridlocked (yet) apart from Winterstoke. Which compares Ashton with Sneyd Park very well. Until the monster landfill tip conspiracy takes hold, then its traffic nightmare. Stoke Bishop needs a giant store more than we do but I say build the money-laundering mega-store in Guernsey. Might be handy for Lansdown to have one of them at the end of HIS road. Won’t have to fly over here to do his shopping then.

  3. Still Waters permalink
    March 30, 2011 6:43 pm

    I’m slightly dumbfounded that Rich doesn’t know what ‘avenue’ means.

    Try this:

    ‘an avenue or allée is traditionally a straight route with a line of trees or large shrubs running along each, which is used, as its French source venir (“to come”) indicates, to emphasize the “coming to,” or arrival at a landscape or architectural feature’

    I doubt that it was intended for use as ‘ending up in a parking nightmare shopping mall, but that’s okay, it’s an enabling development for a millionaire who doesn’t want to spend his millions’

  4. Richard Lane permalink
    March 30, 2011 8:54 pm

    Still Waters

    I’m even more than slightly dumbfounded that you think, I do not know what Avenue means. What makes you think that? There has been no reference whatsoever to an avenue by Sacredspring or myself. What do you think you’ve been reading? Do you take the same sort of substances he does? If so, it obviously helps you to compose such utter tripe?
    Get yourself into rehab quickly, you’ve obviously had too much and are halucinating.


    You’ll have to do better than that, it sounds like a channel four documentory, mixed up rubbish and biassed. No comedy whatsoever this time, fail.

    PS, it’s you that describe people as chavs, along with all your other misrepresentations, which I was the point I was making.

  5. March 31, 2011 7:14 am

    I’m also dumbfounded that Lane keeps comes on here to explain that he knows what ‘Avenue’ means. Bonkers-he needs locking up.

    People who are self-proclaimed experts on former landfills need to face the facts over the new landfill tip being planned for Ashton Gate.

    As well as the packaging mountain from the MegaSainsburys there will also be the food mountain going straight to the landfill. This is the criminal binning of perfectly good food. Thousands of tons a year dumped by the hypermarket just because new stock comes in or sell by dates are reached.

    Snaisbury fatcats should be made to pay full whack for the landfill they create by clobbering their obscene profits and clawing back the tax-dodgers winnings.

  6. Richard Lane permalink
    March 31, 2011 8:20 am


    I’m completely dumbfounded that you once more accuse me of things that are blatantly untrue ie: “Lane keeps comes on here to explain that he knows what ‘Avenue’ means. Bonkers-he needs locking up”.
    I replied ONCE to an earlier allegation, from one of your fellow deluded substance abuser that I did not know what Avenue meant. When you used the word “Keeps” you referred to multiple use.

    I’m no self proclaimed expert on landfil sites as you claim, just as you are no expert on Sainsbury’s, village greens, car parks, land transfers, stadiums, traffic, polution, millionaires, knocking people over, wildlife, streams,chavs, retail statistics, local residents etc. Or all the other things you portray to offer your professional loud mouthed opinion on.

    Now, why did Still waters write that rubbish? You seem to have ommitted your opinion on that.

  7. Deano permalink
    March 31, 2011 1:18 pm

    I think it has been made perfectly obvious on many occasions by Lane that he is not an expert (self-proclaimed or otherwise). In fact, his comments have demonstated this clearly on multiple occasions.

    I would go so far as to say that I cannot think of anybody who has less expertise on almost any subject related to the topics discussed on this site than Lane.

    Hope that helps…..

  8. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    March 31, 2011 6:27 pm

    I don’t think you have to be an expert to have an opinion, but it does pay to make sure your facts are correct. My opinion on the new store is unchanged. I believe it will have a very detrimental effect on the traffic situation both on Winterstoke Road and The Flyover. As for North St. and East St. shopping, I will have to rely on the “expert” view that it will have an adverse effect. I’m still surprised ( well perhaps not really) how our local politicians have greeted the result with delight but not questioned the “farce” in having so many councillors refusing to make a decision. The really sad and worrying reality is that had the result gone the other way they would have been at the forefront calling for an inquiry. Thats politics as we have come to expect it, but we deserve better.

  9. Richard Lane permalink
    March 31, 2011 8:34 pm

    I think it is perfectly obvious and it has been shown numerous times, that DEANO only comes on here to make childish remarks about people he can’t win an argument with. He only knows how carry out verbal attacks, without any basis what so ever and is supported by everyone else through their lack of condemnation.
    It was just the same after the same sort of drivel from Still Waters. Yet not one person was brave enough to admit he got it terribly wrong, with the avenue.
    Can you imagine what would have happened if I’d made a simmilarly rediculous comment such as his, or Sacredsprings referrence to Ashton, being a tree lined sleepy suburb. The nails and cross would have been brought out in a flash. This just goes to show that not one of you, have the decency to agree that any of you are ever wrong, or anyone else could possibly have made a valid point.


    I think it perfectly reasonable to give an opinion using what information you have to hand, as long as it is the general crux of the matter and not wildly inaccurate, as some posters on here are. The thing is that on this site, you have people waiting to exploit the slightest misdemeanor in any statement made, in order to score cheap points as some sort of proof that they are correct and any dissenting voice is wrong. Of course they will not condemn fellow posters. This only highlights their biassed unrealistic views.

    If you rely on the experts view that, there could be detrimental effects on the other retail outlets through competition from a larger store. Do you think that running a market, opening an extra bakers and cake maker, not to mention a large bar. All within the vicintiy of other traders and in direct competition to those traders, could have an adverse effect on those traders? For example another bakery (Marks) opened in Georges second property. previously there were two bakers supplying the needs of the neighbourhood and surviving. The new one opens and takes trade from one of those existing bakers and is supported by a certain clientelle. If this forces one bakers to close due to the extra bakery outlets, is this fair competition? Yet sainsbury’s are increasing the retail outlets in the area by less than one third of existing retail outlets. There are double standards at work here. It matters not what the size of the store is, if the effects are the same. And one of those main objectors (George Ferguson) allows this on his property and gains personally from it. All at the expense of the other traders he claims to support.

  10. March 31, 2011 10:52 pm

    Lane compares Marks Bread (about 60 sq ft?) with the 100,000 sq ft Sainsburys multi-billion ££££ empire wtf? Off his trolley, completely gaga!

    Yet sainsbury’s are increasing the retail outlets in the area by less than one third of existing retail outlets


    The tree-lined avenues of Ashton will feel the full effects of the damaging and stupidly big greedy store. Unsustainable and idiotic, they spew thousands of tons into landfill every year, pump out thousands of tons of co2 and make life a misery for residents. What moronic people can think this is progress?
    Backward-thinking non-resident Lansdown is the Snaisburys comfy bedfellow who’s cooked up this money-grabbing con, to the detriment of the city. The man has no conscience.

  11. Deano permalink
    April 1, 2011 8:40 am

    Of course my remarks where childish, they were aimed at the level of an individual who insists that a car park and a petrol station is the same thing.

    ” is supported by everyone else through their lack of condemnation”

    Does this meant that because you completely failed to condemn Mike Fords comments about local residents when he was making them, or any of the comments on OTIB or the Evening Post website suggesting violence or intimidation towards either Ashton Vale residents, North Street traders, those protesting against the Sainsburys, or the councillors on the planning committee that you supported them? Or are you going to come up with yet another set of double-standards.

    Of course, lets not forget that you are the individual who claims that the incidents of bricks being thrown through the windows of witnesses at the Town Green inquiry are either imaginary or purely coincidence. The fact that you fail to condemn such actions obviously means, using your own argument, that you support them.

    “This just goes to show that not one of you, have the decency to agree that any of you are ever wrong, or anyone else could possibly have made a valid point”

    Plenty of people have made valid points on this website. In your case, you have instead repeatedly made false or unsubstantiated claims and when these are pointed out to you, you then whine about how life is unfair because you are not allowed to rely on your fantasy facts.

    As for people admitting they are wrong. What hypocrisy!

    You are the individual who still claims that the Ashton Gate car park will remain a car park despite the fact that BCC have now approved a planning application for it to become a petrol station. You are the individual who tried to claim that the barrister who represented the Ashton Vale residents for free was in fact being paid by a Bristol Rovers director. You are the individual who insisted that attempts to link the Sainsburys to the stadium development was a ploy by the objectors and that the club was trying to keep them separate. You are the individual who wrote a letter to the Evening Post describing himself as a regular visitor to the Ashton Vale site despite the fact that you had previously said that you had never set foot on the site because that would be “trespassing”. You are the individual who claimed that nobody from Ashton Gate itself had complained about the supermarket plans despite the fact that residents from both Ashton Road and Raynes Road have been actively campaigning against it. You are the individual who first insisted that only local people should have a say about the supermarket – until you realised that most people signing your own e-petition were not local, then you suddenly decided that people from as far away as South Gloucestershire should have a say (unless their names were Ron Morton or Tony Dyer of course). You are the individual who claimed that the Ashton Gate site was much larger than the existing Sainsburys site when they are in fact the same size. You are the individual who claimed that the BERATE group was set up by the Green Party on the basis that Charlie Bolton set up an e-petition against the store but meanwhile claims that he himself is entirely independent despite setting up an e-petition in favour of the store.

    I could go on with a list of Lane’s lies and falsehoods, but it is perfectly obvious to anybody who regularly reads this site that he is a liar and a hypocrite who can’t win an argument even when making up the “facts” as he goes along, so instead he laughably attempts to portray himself as the victim of cheap and nasty jibes (selectively forgetting his own cheap and nasty jibes) when he is publicly humiliated yet again because his lies and distortions are pointed out by others.

  12. Richard Lane permalink
    April 1, 2011 10:51 am


    Are you a fool? Don’t answer that. I do not compare Sainsbury’s with Marks bakery, I compare Sainsbury’s as less than a third of the retail outlets in Bedminster and Ashton.
    I compare Marks bakery as one third of the other two bakers of North st. How could you possibly mix that up?

    Where are these tree lined avenues in Ashton?


    My reference to the car park is to highlight that it is not a part of the new store, as usual you are being pedantic.

    If I was part of any conversation that was threatening people I’d like you to point it out. Until then I’d ask you to remember that I have distanced myself from any such statements, on any site. For the record I’ve never seen a post advocating violence to any of the people you refer to. At the time I was far to busy conversing with Basics, Tony Dyer and on this site to notice childish comments by ranting loonies, apart from the ones on here.

    You say I’ve failed to condemn brick throwing. If it happened, of course I’d condemn it.
    I have actually made enquiries about this unfounded allegation with the club and asked them to make a statement condemning these actions if true. They investigated it and found no evidence. They were very concerned about the allegations but thought making a statement might be counter productive. To date there is no proof, just rumours, please provide the proof.

    I have been a regular visitor to the site. You don’t have to go on to a field to see it’s a field, you can see that from the edge. Only when I was in discussion, did I enter the site to see the dreadful state of it. Pedantic springs to mind again.

    Of course other people have made valid points on here about various topics, I acknowledge that and always have. Using the law of averages, there is bound to be a time when I make a valid point, as yet perhaps that time has not occured, or none of you will acknowledge this fact. I think it’s the latter.

    As for your last paragraphs, they are colusions of misrepresented pieces of information.

    Working independently I have had to glean my information and develop that information as it has been collated, as such I have made mistakes. I have got things wrong, I have misunderstood things, it’s bound to happen. I have never been fed any information from any individual or group or interested company, apart from a member of DRAG that set me up about the inspector.

    I did not say only local people should have a say about the supermarket, again prove it.

    I said the developable land was bigger than the Sainsbury site, after realising the sites were of simmilar size, (yes I made a mistake) it allowed for a larger store.

    I changed my tact when I discovered that people such as Tony and Ron were allowed an equal say in Bristols decision making, so lets allow and sundry to comment.

    I did not claim the Berate group was set up by the Green party. I said in various quotes that I thought this was a politically led campaign started by members of the green party. There are numerous qoutes about this. I will say again that the green party or it’s members have organised a major part in the objections to all of the developments, from Tesco’s, to the new stadium, to the access roads, to the village green through to Sansbury’s. They have been to the fore in organising the objections.

    To sum up,You have been very selective in you character assasination attempt, you have twisted things, to read what you want them to sound like, and called me a liar if I happened to make a mistake.
    You obviously have a wealth of information about me, which is a little concerning, or youv’e been fed it. So I’d ask you to be a good boy and stop stalking me.

    I am as concerned about the area of Ashton as anyone is, I just don’t believe the effect will be as negative as the objectors have tried to make people believe with their wild exagerations.


  13. Deano permalink
    April 1, 2011 11:49 am

    “I did not say only local people should have a say about the supermarket, again prove it.”

    Okay, dokey….OTIB thread started by Rich, promoting his e-petition in favour of a supermarket.

    leepeacock’s50phead, Posted 28 July 2009 – 08:08 PM;

    “If you live near to the area and think its needs a new superstore vote yes, If you do not, you shouldn’t really be voting IMO”

    Rich[ard Lane], Posted 29 July 2009 – 07:34 AM;

    “Quite right.
    One point of this petition is to show that those opposed to the development will openly gain their support from as wide an area as possible, as shown by people from as far away as bath and south gloucestershire registering their opposition.”

    That’s Richard Lane the well known liar and hypcrite…..

  14. April 1, 2011 4:23 pm

    Nutty comparison of Marks bread as though it is somehow damaging to the High St when the crazy backward giant 1970’s hypermarket isn’t!
    And back-pedalling frantically over all his previous ..economies of truth, Lane makes a good spokesperson for a community centred football club.

  15. April 1, 2011 4:33 pm

    This third of retail shops comparison is so crap I’m cramped up with laughter.
    Lane-you have lost the plot old boy.

    Same as the little bread baker?

    Such a crap argument you should apply for a job as the Snaisburys retail analyst-should go far.

  16. Richard Lane permalink
    April 2, 2011 12:30 am


    You have shot yourself clean through the foot. You have tried to prove your point with a blatant lie, that is not my statement. My statement follows where it states: “One point of this petition is to show that those opposed to the development will openly gain their support from as wide an area as possible, as shown by people from as far away as bath and south gloucestershire registering their opposition.” The previous (Quite right) was my appreciation of support from a fellow supporter and was not the full quote, it has been edited by yourself as a devious way to prove your case. I have always argued that this is a regional debate and have been told by people such as Glenn Vowles, that only locals should have a say, even though as a resident of Knowle he helps decide green party policy in Southville, that is hypocrisy.
    This latest post shows you up as the liar and devious twisting hypocrite you are.


    You have once more failed to grasp the comparisons I was making and have again resorted to personal insults.
    I acknowledge that there could be some detrimental effects to the retail outlets in South Britol from the new Sainsbury’s store. I was suggesting that there could also be detrimental effects from an extra bakery and cake maker to the existing retail outlets in North St, something that you have again failed to ackowledge or accept, choosing to ignore the issue instead. So I’ll ask you a question, Will an extra bakery and extra cake maker have a detrimental effect on the existing bakers and cake maker of North st? See if you can answer it without attacking the new store at Ashton Gate.

  17. Deano permalink
    April 2, 2011 9:03 am

    Link to the thread and Richard Lane’s “full” quote is here;

    Lane’s comment is No 18 but feel free to read the full thread to get the full view of what a hypocrite he is.

  18. Richard Lane permalink
    April 2, 2011 9:40 pm


    Thank you for adding the link to that site. Now people have the opportunity to read my posts and make up their own minds about your fabricated, unwarranted, misinformed, biassed, accusations.
    The thing that has remained constant from that time is my opinion and my statements. I have though made small adjustments to my thoughts through the debating and learning process, because I’m realistic enough and honest enough to admit if I’m wrong, or a valid point has been made. There are no hypocritical statements or stances, they have remained the same since that time.

    You on the other hand use quotes I made about previous applications and attempt to make me out to be a liar, by attributing them to the second application, for example: “You are the individual who still claims that the Ashton Gate car park will remain a car park despite the fact that BCC have now approved a planning application for it to become a petrol station”. That statement was made when there were plans showing parking spaces at the existing car park, these I believe were removed for the second application, when I said, that the existing car park will remain for vehicle use only and not be part of the actual supermarket.

    So I would welcome and encourage anyone to read my posts and see if I am truly the person described by Deano.

  19. Richard Lane permalink
    April 2, 2011 9:59 pm


    I don’t say Marks bakery is damaging to the high st, I ask if it’s damaging to the other bakers.

    I asked that question, to date no answer, will anyone answer the questions below?
    Has anyone heard from the avenue knowledge assessor?
    Where are these avenues?
    Have I ever made a valid point?
    Do any of you ever admit to being wrong?
    Where is the proof of bricks being thrown through windows?
    Where are the gridlocked roads that are now not gridlocked?
    Where is the sleepy suburb?
    Where is the confidence breaching Harry?
    Are any of you realistic enough to acknowledge the good points from all the developments?

    So many questions, Shall I hold my breath? Don’t answer that one.

  20. Deano permalink
    April 3, 2011 11:01 am

    Lane digs himself even deeper into a hole.

    Another day, another example of Lane doing what he does best – lying. Except he is not even very good at that.

    If anybody – including Lane the Liar – wants to compare the plans for the first and second application and count up the number of parking spaces on the council owned land, they can be downloaded here; = 1st Sainsburys application = 2nd Sainsburys application

    Don’t worry, you won’t need a calculator!

  21. Ashton Vale Resident permalink
    April 3, 2011 4:12 pm

    Richard Lane said;
    “I have actually made enquiries about this unfounded allegation with the club and asked them to make a statement condemning these actions if true. They investigated it and found no evidence. They were very concerned about the allegations but thought making a statement might be counter productive. To date there is no proof, just rumours, please provide the proof.”

    I am afraid that Mr Lane appears to be making comments that are pure fabrication. Bricks HAVE been put through windows, amongst other incidents, and evidence has been provided to the police to support this. As a result the incidents are the subject of a police investigation. All parties have been asked not to comment in public about the matter until the police have concluded their investigations. This includes the football club.

    To their credit, and contrary to the impression given by Mr Lane, the football club have sent letters of sympathy to those who have been the victim of these cowardly attacks. The football club have made it clear that they condemn those who instigate these acts and, as a long-standing member of the local community, will provide whatever assistance they can to trace those responsible.

    I am surprised that Mr Lane says that the club state in regards to the incident that ” They investigated it and found no evidence”. I am not quite sure how he feels the club has the means to investigate the incident as they are quite obviously not equipped to do “private investigations”. They are a sports club not a police force.

    As a result, I am afraid that Mr Lane’s comments about the club conducting their own investigation do not stand up to independent scrutiny and I hope that he refrains from making further comments whilst the incidents are being investigated. I have contacted the club and they were not aware of any official response to any enquiries in the manner suggested by Mr Lane.

    In the end, those of us who actually live in this community will have to live alongside our neighbours whatever the outcome of the various projects related to the proposed new stadium. Therefore individuals like Mr Lane, who is I believe a resident of Knowle, would be advised to restrict their comments and opinions to matters about which they have some knowledge and I hope that he will withdraw his claims which appear to have been made in a pique of anger.

    I will now leave you to your mutual character asassinations……

    PS Just in case, anybody is wondering, I am a longstanding City fan and STH who has been attending matches for over 50 years. I am happy to see the stadium built if we can preserve at least part of the Green Belt in Ashton Vale (it will be sad to say goodbye to AG but we desperately need a modern ground). As for the Sainsburys, I am not particularly keen on the new proposal – the current one more than satisfies my family’s needs – but don’t think it will have a major impact on the North Street shops, I am more worried about the increase in traffic on what is already an extremely busy Winterstoke Road.

  22. April 3, 2011 6:07 pm

    Good points from ashton vale resident.
    The traffic issue with the giant snaisburys is going to cripple Winterstoke and create rat-runs down all the local residential streets and avenues.
    The retail issues are there but more difficult to quantify although the analysts agree there will be millions taken out of the local economy from high st and independent retailers on North, West and East st. Not just a North st problem having a massive superstore next door. Councillors also recognised this but failed to act other than approve the nearly £400k s106 agreements hoping that would suffice but in reality not having a clue and not caring a jot as none of them live in this area.

  23. Rcihard Lane permalink
    April 3, 2011 9:45 pm

    Deano The twister

    Those links are not available. But are available through the Stop Sainsbury’s site.

    My statements about the car Park, were made about previous applications. That included the Tesco application, which had the car park as it currently exists.
    Even so, the point i was trying to make was that the value of that land (car park), had not increased to the same level as the actual stadium site, because it was not part of the new building and as such was not an essential part of the store, thus making it more valuable.

    Now when are you going to admit that you’ve been on a witch hunt but found no witches?
    All you are doing is trying to find things that aren’t there. You will find mistakes, I’ve made, you may well find where I’ve misunderstood something, but you will find no lies or hypocritical statements.

    If you have had as many discussions as I’ve had over that period of time, then there are bound to be some discrepencies, I admit it. You on the other hand, have only made accusatory statements. If you made statements with any content other than derisory comments, then I feel sure there would be a multitude of mistakes that could be brought up time and time again, as you are trying to do, with regards to me.

    Ashton vale resident

    How on earth can you say that my comments are fabricated?
    I have not said that bricks were not put through windows. I merely asked for the proof.
    I said that I contacted the club, I was told that these allegations would be investigated. I have the corresponence to prove it if you want to contact me personally, this can be done through OTIB.
    If as you say, they have been told not to comment, then that’s what has happened and they are advised not to inform me of what’s actually happening.
    You say : “To their credit, and contrary to the impression given by Mr Lane”, What impression was that? What I actually said was ” They were very concerned about the allegations but thought making a statement might be counter productive”. So what impression was I giving, other than one of their concern for the community?
    To make investigations is to ask questions, you don’t have to be a detective to ask questions. I put this question to a very important person at the club and was given an answer. I have to accept that answer, as you have accepted answers given to you by the club.
    I have made no claims regarding brick throwing, so can’t retract them. I believe that your exhaustive post is based on conjecture and is more likely to have been composed in a fit of anger than mine. It is your post and poorly thought out allegations that should be withdrawn.

  24. Rcihard Lane permalink
    April 3, 2011 9:57 pm


    It’s nice to see a softer approach to the debate from you. I may be wrong but I believe this is the first time you have raised concerns for the shops in West St. Would that be the Tesco express or the other couple of shops that still exist after all the factories closed and took their customers away?

    Where are the tree lined avenues of this sleepy suburb? Remind me, is it West St, North St, East St, Winterstoke Rd, Or is it Ashton Avenue, the four laned sleepy flyover on the cumberland basin road system?

  25. Ashton Vale Resident permalink
    April 4, 2011 7:04 am

    Mr Lane

    If you say that you have correspondence from the club that says what you say it says, then simply provide the name of the “very important person” at the club who sent you this correspondence and I will contact him directly to clarify the club’s stance.

    To be frank, given the incidents that have happened to my friends and neighbours, I am reluctant to provide my personal contact details to somebody who himself has made a number of derogatory comments about those same friends and neighbours.

    In any case, I have made my comments on this matter, you have made yours. If you are saying that your own comments were not intended to imply that the brick throwing incidents had not taken place than we have nothing to debate.

    I hope you will agree that it is best if everybody simply did as the police have asked and cease to speculate about which individual(s) might be responsible for the incidents until the investigations have been completed.

  26. Deano permalink
    April 4, 2011 7:31 am

    More rope for the liar Lane.

    “My statements about the car Park, were made about previous applications. That included the Tesco application, which had the car park as it currently exists”

    So, having been proved a liar about his claims that the Sainsburys proposal would see the council-owned car park remain a car park, he is now backtracking rapidly. He is now trying to claim that his comment was a reference to earlier applications.

    Except of course, that the Tesco application also intended to use the car park for a PFS and would see all the car parking places on the council-owned land lost.

    Here is a link to the Bristol Evening Post with a handy plan of the Tesco’s proposal.

    Again feel free to count the number of car parking spaces on the council owned land. Again you won’t need a calculator.

    I look forward to Lane’s next trip to fantasy land.

  27. bobS permalink
    April 4, 2011 8:18 am

    Lane’s comments on violence on this site:

    “I don’t support violence against others, though I can understand how others might be drawn into it through provocation.”

    He denies the plain fact that acts of violence have taken place. He then seeks to excuse the actions. He then denies he has excused the actions.

    Lane is a disgrace who should be disowned by BCFC

  28. Colin's Ego permalink
    April 4, 2011 1:08 pm

    “They investigated it”

    “I was told that these allegations would be investigated”

    So, which one is it?

    Have they investigated the allegations as you claimed on Friday, – or is it that they said that they would investigate as you claimed the following Monday?

    Did they comment that they had found no evidence, as you claimed on Friday – or did they effectively say they had no comment and not inform you of what is happening as you claim on the Monday?

    Please clarify.

  29. Richard Lane permalink
    April 4, 2011 9:26 pm


    It appears I may have been mistaken when looking at the plans you have supplied.
    I feel confident enough to say that I have seen plans for that site, showing more parking than is shown on those plans. Perhaps I was mistaken and was looking at the existing plans but do you think Tony Dyer would have let me get away with my argument about that car park at the time of the Tesco application? I think not. I have been trying to access the actual plans submitted to the planners, (with no success) rather than the one released to the press which were I believe changed for the actul submision. As I cannot find those plans I will have to concede. If I have been mistaken then so be it, that does not make me a liar or hypocritical, I have argued that case from the outset which is anything but hypocrtical.
    From the outset I have argued that the area of the existing car park would not be a part of the store, and as such would not increase in value to the same extent as the site with the buildings on, that is the only reason for the argument. Others are trying to say that the council have given that peice of land away and it should have recieved a similar valuation to the stadium site, as it remains for the sole use of vehicles with some parking it cannot have the same value.

  30. Richard Lane permalink
    April 4, 2011 9:50 pm

    Ashton vale resident

    I will not give you the name of my contact at the club. You can contact me as I’ve said through OTIB and I will gladly give you the information you require. I can’t suggest another way other than a meeting in public, which I would welcome.

    I have made no derogatory comments to anyone other than as a response from personal insults to my self, you are again mistaken in your accusations.

    I could not have been more clear with my statements about alledged brick throwing. Until I have proof, they are just that, alledged. I’m not saying they have not happened, so how can I condemn something that is only alledged. As I’ve said before but you’ve either missed or chosen to ignore “I WOULD CONDEMN ANY ACT OF VIOLENCE TOWARDS ANY LOCAL RESIDENT”.

    I do think it best for the police to complete their investigation.


    You have not understood the statement: “I don’t support violence against others, though I can understand how others might be drawn into it through provocation.”
    I was refering to others, as weak minded people that might not have the brains to express their feelings in any other way than with the use of violent actions.
    I have not denied actions have taken place.
    I have not sought to excuse those actions.
    I wish you would read my posts properly, or at least read them twice before posting a response.

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