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Ye Olde Fudge Shoppe and the epic Ashton Vale Town Green fix

June 16, 2011

World-cup fever was at fever pitch. The star struck members of the council ably led by the ex-list actor with the minor parts, Simon Cook, were presented with the fait accomplis:


What ye downtrodden community were then told was that the little old food store was in fact to become one of the biggest hypermarkets in the country.
What the people were also not told was that the Fifa world-cup circus had it in for England and the £1/2million softeners stumped up on behalf of the Swiss based crooks by Bristol ratepayers would be profligate waste in a time of austerity. The England bid was found wanting, not enough grovelling or bribery had taken place, inevitably Simon Cook and his business-west pals were left with egg on their face, and trousers and shoes.
So then the new stadium application was rushed through. The only place it could be built said Lansdown was on green belt that he had bought on the cheap. No other place in Bristol could be found he said. So a wetland area of special interest with wildlife rich ditches and streams, at Ashton vale, became the billionaires favourite choice. ‘Never mind all that green stuff poppycock’, says Lansdown and sent his bulldozers in to work quicker than you can say ” Israeli security Wall”.
Funny that a year or two down the line the other Bristol footy team should find a nice spot at Frenchay to plonk a new stadium-no urban sprawl on greenbelt for the Gas.
Another funny thing happens then. Local Residents decide they don’t like the idea of a massive stadium, conference center, bars, Mcshitburger drive-thru’s, hotel, council subsidised gym, housing estates, car parks, roads, floodlights, pop concerts, noise, litter, smells, etc etc., on the fields and meadows next to their houses that their families have enjoyed for generations.
And another funny thing, the Government had revamped laws relating to town and village greens that went back hundreds of years. Updating these laws was considered important to prevent the urban sprawl from unscrupulous developers onto greenbelt and farmland and recreation land that families and communities had enjoyed for generations.
And so we have an application to preserve the area of greenbelt concerned, protecting the green lung barrier of green belt introduced in this country exactly for the reason of preventing unchecked urban sprawl by developers. What could be a more clear-cut reason for green belt and town green law.
The exhaustive enquiry last year with witnesses cross examined and evidence investigated fully, came out in favour of preserving the whole site as town and village green.
The Public Rights of Way group on the council now has to make a decision on this today.
Fudge and prevarication will not do. Enough evidence for town and village green is there in black and white.
And no amount of world-cups or pressure form the money-men and football fans should pressurise or influence what is a straightforward decision on the merits of town green that were put to severe test in the enquiry.

But the council being the council will try to placate the exiled landowner who claims he’s bought cheap greenbelt land under false pretences. Expect an epic fudge of a decision that will then go to judicial review.

Full details of the leaked applicants response to so-called new evidence is in my pages above right. This is the stuff that has been hidden from the committee members today.

  1. Southville Ward Results permalink
    June 16, 2011 7:29 am

    The Rovers proposed location isn’t in Bristol.

  2. June 16, 2011 8:36 am

    Er yes-and neither is part of the Ashton Vale site in Bristol. Not a significant point in the Town Green decision as the site has to be decided on its merit as town green not future plans for the area.

  3. June 16, 2011 10:40 pm

    Fudge it is. Couple of dissenters.
    Waste of time.
    Why didn’t they do this last september and save £60K?

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