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MP’s showtime-the Murdochs in the cage.

July 19, 2011

So the snouts in trough MP’s have had a rumble with the top cops and who’d have believed it, they came out winners! Can only mean that the Met Police top brass had even bigger snouts in a massive trough. MP’s obviously got the hump with a freebie 10k of Champneys luxury for Sir Paul. They were clearly miffed at not having been invited on similar recuperation jollys.

So that’s Stephenson and Yates out on a TKO, any chance of the Murkydocs and Brooks getting a similar pummelling today? Don’t think so. Brooks will say she can’t say anything as the cops have handily arrested her and got her on bail. The Muckdocs will say they knew nothing about the hacking. Funny that, seeing as hacked gossip was their regular headline fodder but if that’s what they say then must be true.

Stand by, its Showtime! In the Brown MP corner we have a snarling pack of publicity hungry wannabees, watched by the worlds media they take on the owners of most of the worlds media.  After a few early jabs they will go straight for the below-the-belt shots. Haymakers like ‘are you bent’ and ‘how long have you been crooks with the cops’ will be aimed at the groin for maximum damage. No fair play rules for the select committee as they vent 20 years of grovelling on their tormentors.

In the Red Top corner we have Rupert ‘Hacker’ Murkdoch tagged with his son Jimmy ‘The Tap’ Murkdoch. Aided by the cheerleader Rebekah ‘Red Top’ Brooks they will come out suitably humbled before the fight even kicks off. Bit of a mismatch to be fair as the former swaggering Murkdoch flounders around in defence, bouncing off ropes and spitting gumshields at the MP’s.

No KO this time but a points scoring victory for the Parliamentarians as they grind up a bit more of the teetering News International empire.

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  1. July 19, 2011 6:45 pm

    The custard pie was below the belt and will gain sympathy.
    Jimmy spouted the usual ‘I knew nothing’ nonsense and bored them to tears with long-winded emptiness. Rupert banged the table and charmed the vultures with Galipolli and pay-rise talk for MP’s. Rebekah hid behind the hair and promised more later.
    The Old Bill got more of a grilling than the media barons.
    That’s my take on it. Still, more fun than usual at Portcullis House.

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