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The mob vs a goat.

August 12, 2011

Football season just started and already there’s a fixture pile up.

Now obviously there’s no connection with football fans and the recent rioting mobs.
But then Milllen’s moaning about the Swindon fixture cancelled needs investigating deeper.

Keith Millen has labelled the events which caused last night’s scheduled Carling Cup tie between Bristol City and Swindon Town to be postponed a “disgrace.” The first-round tie at Ashton Gate was called off on police advice yesterday following Monday night’s riots in Bristol. Their resources already stretched and fearing potential trouble between City and Swindon fans attending the Ashton Gate match,

Because if football matches didn’t require such a high level of policing then the match could have gone ahead. The coppers could concentrate on the new Cameron robust policing of bashing up more of the looters instead of having to keep apart warring beer fuelled soccer fans. A potential fight or riot because of boozed-up local soccer rivalry-whats different from that and a riot over flat-screens and trainers? The disgrace is that football still has the potential for violence and lack of respect that should have gone out in the seventies when I as a child witnessed riots and arson inside the grandstands.

The small minority ruin it for the rest always the same-but the potential trouble is still there. That’s why the match was cancelled, Mr Millen, not because of the hooligans trashing the high st.
Just look at the fact that the beach volleyball matches in horseguards parade weren’t cancelled even at the height of the trouble. Thousands of satisfied fans enjoying the sporting fun with no need for dogs, horses, choppers and vanloads of bobbies.
And take a look at the 70,000 plus fans in cardiff for the rugby matches. Those guys know really know how to drink, Brains swilling around the millenium stadium-any sign of trouble? Never. When I’ve been there its one Taff copper and a  mountain goat to sort them out.
I suggest the FA could do well to follow the millenium stadium’s example:

Bin cheesy music like the scrumpied Wurzels and bring in a Male voice choir

Remove all segregation and allow unlimited beer and cider sales inside stadia.

A goat.

  1. August 12, 2011 8:37 am

    Don’t get confused with a return of Shaun Goater. I mean a very well endowed goat.

  2. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    August 15, 2011 10:59 am

    It’s a shame Richard Lane no longer comments on this blog because he did bring a perspective from another position. I would like to know why the club won’t invest in the players so badly needed. Why no comment from the club about the possibility of a judicial review, and has the financial crisis made any difference to the developers ability to fund a new stadium? Also Hargreaves Lansdown shares have had a bad month. It would be fair supporters and residents to be told if there was any change of plan. If you know Rich, please comment.

  3. Richard Lane permalink
    August 16, 2011 5:56 pm

    Hi Paul
    I haven’t gone anywhere, I just think I was arguing for the sake of it at times.
    Point 1. The club have as far as I’m aware been trying to obtain the players required, they’ve just chosen other clubs. Taylor from middlesborough was reputedly offered more money to play for city than Cardiff offered. He obviously thought they had a better chance of promotion with their new stadium and increased attendances, as it’s not all about the money, the same goes for others they’ve tried for. Other players are holding the club to their contracts, so won’t leave and free up the wages available to bring in other players, it seems like a catch 22 situation until they leave. We also have a new chairman that is using someone elses money, that must be slightly more difficult.
    Point 2. Colin Sextone commented at the weekend about the possibility of a JR, he rightly said that there is as yet no application for one. There is the threat of a request from yet another group headed this time by, Peter Crispin, who lives in Bishopsworth and won’t be affected by the development, so possibly can’t apply for a JR anyway and has made it clear in his statement that he is opposed to the development. He did not state that he wanted a TVG, so would this obviously opposed to the development group be successful in their application anyway?
    Point 3. I believe the funds are already in place for the development.
    As I’ve said before when people have been demanding that Mr Lansdown pay for the stadium himself, he’s only rich on paper. Though he’s probably well insured against massive losses. I don’t think there is any change of plan.

  4. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    August 18, 2011 10:50 am

    Hi Rich
    Glad to see your still about. To use a football phrase, “it’s all gone quiet over there.” Just wondered whats going on. Good result last night. I’ve invested my fiver this season on Middlesboro’ so we will see how clever I am!

  5. Richard Lane permalink
    August 18, 2011 8:54 pm

    Hi Paul
    Good luck on boro, I reckon it’ll be wide open and not the certainty they are predicting.

    Oops! I’d better get back on topic before the threat of a ban. Of course if there weren’t the threat of rioting from 150 anarchistic gits, the football would have gone ahead.You can bet your life that if, there were 150 football fans running about the streets causing problems, they would all have been knicked, there and then. The police will use any excuse to exert their power over football, they even tried stopping the Cheltenham game over a handfull of shites in neighbouring Gloucester.

  6. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    August 19, 2011 7:50 am

    Football fans or not, if the riots had been here in south Bristol it would have been out with the batons and send in the Cavalry, we all know that.

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