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‘Crazy Horse’ Savage on Bristol Bonanza Warpath

December 8, 2011

Raving bonkers John Savage has gone on the warpath again. This man has only the best interests of Bristol profit makers at heart as he outlines their greedy ambitions for the next 30+years. Crazy Evening Toast swallows up the guff as they get ever more desperado.

Here’s my take on the Savage man’s 40 year Bristol
Blueprint ranting:

Bristol must re-introduce horse drawn trams and re-open the Clifton Rocks railway to alleveviate congestion.

Concrete over the remaining Avon gorge to make way for more 1-bedroom flats and burger bars (add nice fountains as well).

Greater Bristol to swallow up Cardiff and London as millions more 1-bedroom studios are built and fatcats get ever more ambitious and fatter.

Build a world-class Taj Mahal broken shard style opera house bigger than the pyramids on an offshore island in the Cumberland basin.

Make massive brutal profits and squirrel them away in the Cumberland basin offshore island tax-haven.

Ah, nothing like a good pre-christmas rant to puff up the 200 fat business leaders prior to their Xmas orgy on turtle soup and goose liver. Try not to choke on the oysters chaps.

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  1. December 8, 2011 10:03 am

    I vote Savage for Mayor!

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