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What’s in store for Bristol?

January 5, 2012

Time to kick off the new year with a good rant.

Been having a guess at the new years issues that will tax the people of the city.
Tax will surely rise its ugly head as the council go ahead with the crazy bendy bus concrete highways. No wonder Bristols most famous dodger has upped sticks to Goonsy in the channel. Us poor bloggers will have to stay put and take the medicine in the form of I predict a £100 million shortfall in the bonkers bus scheme. That and a few deaths and serious accidents as the giant rapid transport monsters take over some of the only traffic free pedestrian and cycle friendly routes in the city. What idiots think this is a good idea? Send them to Goonsey, bunch of bendy-headed wasters.

Town greens should feature on the menu. Roll on the town greens I say, this is what the people want, not concrete jungles and temples of retail greed. Far too many greed merchant sheds already. Fat cats can’t get any fatter-time to tighten the belts on the multinational vultures.
Maybe a few questions to answer in the council departments as the cuts get even harder and our belts tighter. Like how many hundreds of thousands have been spent on lawyers fees as the councillors desperately waste ratepayers money on fighting the wishes of residents to preserve green space in their neighbourhoods?

More fatcat bulding firms will be pleading poverty to weasel out of their section106 promises. They get their planning consent with s106 conditions, no reason to give way to the bully-boy builders. Didn’t hear any of the cry-babies wailing that they were making too many profits during boomtime eh? Tough luck, thats the free market, if you can’t build the stuff then go bust and give back these acres of demolished bombsites to the city to build housing and schools and the rest.

I also predict a hotting up of the war to become the Mayor. Plenty of applicants for the top job will come crawling out advertising their credentials. A veritable gravy train of potential fat mayors who enjoy dressing up in silly hats.
If London can elect a pompous old Etonian buffoon we could rustle up someone a bit thicker I’m sure. Put your names forward now, I’m up for it.

Wouldn’t normally comment on football and the antics on the pitch, plenty of other armchair pundits around, but a big soccer depth charge could be exploding soon. That is-the clubs in the league have not learned the lessons from the banking collapse. They continue to run at crazy losses that turns normal business practice on its head. Just imagine presenting a football club as an investment to the Dragons Den? You’d get laughed out of the door. The fatcat wages paid to overblown players is obscene and will drive clubs under unless the FA introduce the wage cap.

A positive note to end. The middle east turmoil has proven free speech can’t be gagged forever. Think of the brave Syrians fighting for freedom where the knock on the door will mean prison and torture by the unaccountable elite. Yet they protest on, their human rights can’t be destroyed or denied by the nutters in power.
The freedom of speech is what makes our democracy.
And it’s protected by a police independent of political influence-thats been tested just a bit in the last year and rightly so. That includes the right to protest and the odd riot. Bristols got a good history of riots, but the days of charges by the Dragoons with rioters slashed by sabres or strung up from the Old Gaol gatehouse have been forgotten amidst much official handwringing. There’s usually a good reason why people riot.

In the year of diamond jubilees by the royal LaLa’s
and a bunch of fit posers going fast backwards or whatever gets the medals I’m looking forward to much merriment and jolly comment on the stuff that makes the city tick.

  1. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    January 5, 2012 3:23 pm

    ” a good rant.” Yes, all in favour of that. BRT, has it been officially passed, or was it just promised in the Chancellors speech? Bendy buses, no way! I understand First have no interest in “articulated” vehicles, far too expensive, and they appear to be in line to run the show. A Mayor for Bristol, no thanks, unless it’s me. No qualifications except good at spotting “bullshit” and that’s a full time job. Football, you may be right, but at least in the lower divs. they seem to have seen the light. Free speech, destroyed by PC, and there is no such thing as a good riot. Hows that for an immediate response?

  2. Richard Lane permalink
    January 5, 2012 7:01 pm

    Happy new yearant to you all.

  3. January 5, 2012 10:30 pm

    Good to see folks back for the new year. I trust not too many pounds have been added to already bulging waistlines. Verbal sparring requires participants to be fully shipshape in fighting condition like me.
    BRT the misnomer that sounds like a bacon sandwich,- ‘bendy-bus’ its going to stay to prove how stupid they are ie. bendy bus routes with no bendy buses just normal worn out diesel chokers which are not that rapid. So why bother?

    No qualifications for mayor required other than a few million in the bank or an unfulfilled ego. Evening Toast does its mayor line-up every few months as if there’s only five faces in city with either pots of cash or the X-factor. Funny how they think it ok for an expat to rule the roost over the metropolis.

    There’s quite a few clubs that would be bust should the bankrollers pull out, mentioning no names, chelsea man city. Ego trip handbags for the accessorised dodgy billionaires.

    Free speech-in some ways the internet gives us exactly that which the state doesn’t. You can find the non pc stuff if that’s what cooks your goose. And there’s the world at your fingertips in all its gory detail. In this way the internet does do a reflection of all that there is and provides all people with the opportunity of free exchange of information. That is until you’re hunted down by the vested interests. Overstep the mark at your peril even in our enlightened era. The thought police are watching us just as Orwell predicted.

  4. Richard Lane permalink
    January 10, 2012 11:01 pm


    Do you really believe that the uprisings across the arab states and in Africa are because of free speach? And they are not the involvement of western powers that might be frightened about China’s increasing financial strength and it’s influence in that continent?

    Anyway, if there really aren’t any qualifications required for the post of Mayor, I’m up for it. I’d soon sort out the stadium, roads, arena, trains, park and rides, anarchists, green spaces, housing, dictating minority groups. A city where all can live in harmony, just so long as it’s my way, if you don’t like it, feck off.

    Just imagine, the existing trainlines brought into use with park and rides at, Ashton, Portway, Cribbs Causeway/ Henbury, Filton. The line extended from Ashton across the old bridge to the docks and on again through the docks to Temple Meads. We already have a fantastic urban railway which is mostly underused and about to be virtually abandoned by this council in favour of the bus.
    The reason= Bristol and the other adjoining authorities individually, do not have a strong enough voice. Successive governments have used the siituation where the greater Bristol area is sub divided and competing for cash individually, therefore fighting each other, and has avoided dispensing cash to this area like in other parts of the country. Divide and rule it’s called. Until there is one authority fighting for the area as a whole there will be little change.

    PS, I wouldn’t want to concrete over all of it.

  5. thebristolblogger permalink
    January 11, 2012 10:28 pm

    Do you really believe that the uprisings across the arab states and in Africa are because of free speach? And they are not the involvement of western powers that might be frightened about China’s increasing financial strength and it’s influence in that continent?

    Yes. It’s absolutely impossible for people with dark skins and funny religions to do anything for themselves. It must all be the result of clever white men.

  6. Richard Lane permalink
    January 11, 2012 11:03 pm

    Bristol Blogger
    Are your trying to infer that I don’t believe people with dark skins and funny religions can do these things by themselves? You are way off the mark once more.
    I merely believe that western powers are there assisting/stoking the fires, indeed bombing and suppling arms and advisors to the uprising locals, because it benefits the western world to do it more quickly, than leaving them to their own devices.

    Do you think the Libyan people would have achieved their goals so quickly, without the British and French forces bombing the shit out of Gadaffi’s forces? Or that many more of the civilians would have been killed by his forces if that had not happened? Why were the RAF there?
    Look out for Nigeria next, they’ve got oil.

    North Korea has the technology, but no free speech there yet. Perhaps like the chinese, you think they are not dark enough or have a funny enough religion.

  7. thebristolblogger permalink
    January 12, 2012 8:13 am

    Dickie does Realpolitik … Nurse! The screens!

  8. Richard Lane permalink
    January 12, 2012 6:46 pm

    Big Logger does accusations of racism, then deflects from his actions, surprise surprise!!!.

    Cue accusations from others, that this wasn’t me posting.

    I see Springy hasn’t made a retraction statement about the developers of the general hospital removing the tower from it’s plans. They are actually well thought of developers that do seem to care about their reputaion and the developments they carry out. But that doesn’t stop certain people having a go at them before a sod has been cut and lumping them into the same category of developers that take people for a ride. Again surprise comes to mind, but no surprise in this case.

    BCC at work again, trying to rid the city of anything related to sport. It is possible that with Rovers and the Rugy club opting to play in South Glos, the cricket club opting for Gloucester, City might be the only professional sporting club left in the city.

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