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Bristol Lib-Dems ask for exemption from the law

March 26, 2012

I thought it was only ‘er majesty that’s exempt as she who does no wrong is the law and can’t nick herself.
But no.
According to the well known bristol daily journal, Babs Jankers and her team are in London today and they’ll be asking for exemption from the law relating to TVG.
Is that another kind of dodgy deal we haven’t heard of yet? Or an April fools joke a bit early?
Is this how the meeting with the minister goes…” Awight guv you know this ‘ere TVG mullarky well hows about we forget abaaat it for a bit, you knows oil the wheels an all that….eh??”

  1. thebristolblogger permalink
    March 27, 2012 6:22 am

    “Please sir, as we’re to thick to understand the law can we ignore it instead sir?”

  2. saxon permalink
    March 27, 2012 9:24 am

    Why not. They ignore their own legal dept.

  3. March 27, 2012 6:38 pm

    This is an odd one. They’d need exemption from judicial review as well because they’d be even more likely to fiddle the decisions, and even more people would distrust them.
    Must be as thick as two short planks.

  4. bigredrich permalink
    March 27, 2012 9:21 pm


    As I understand it, the council want to be excluded from the Normal TVG legislation, not from making the TVG decisions.

    It’s because there are so many applications that have to go through a very costly procedure to either, register the real ones or fight the dubious ones.

    They want to be able to throw out the applications that have been blatantly applied for in order to stop developments, Such as Ashton Vale. While giving proper consideration to applications that have some merit, such as the recently successful application in Snuff Mills.

  5. Bobs permalink
    March 27, 2012 9:31 pm

    Big Red Rich – What a pile of crap.

    They want to stop applications with merit such as Ashton Vale where they have already done shady deals with developers.

    They want to approve weaker applications like Snuff Mills where they want to buy the land at reduced prices from the existing owners who won’t do deals with them.

    They are terrified of the 12 applications they now face on Area Green Spaces Strategy sites and are desparately looking for a way out of losing

  6. March 28, 2012 6:12 am

    Bigredrich has missed the point that it wouldn’t cost the council a bean if they registered all the greenspace and green belt land that the citizens wish to preserve.
    There will still be plenty of brown field sites for burger joints and all the other profit vehicles the greed merchants want to ‘develop’.

  7. Richard Lane permalink
    March 28, 2012 5:12 pm


    The only pile of crap comes from your words.
    I challenged you to come up with a single shred of evidence to back up your claims against me, which included lying and threats. To date you have not answered any of them, instead resorting to more childish name calling and denying that you made any such claims.
    There is no merit in the application for a TVG at Ashton vale, other than the merit of stopping this development. If the merit was for a TVG, then it was successful, as one has been offered. As this offer has so far been rejected, then there cannot possibly be any other reason for that rejection, unless the application was designed to stop the development, which we know is the truth.

  8. Richard Lane permalink
    March 28, 2012 5:25 pm


    I have not missed any points at all.
    If the council registered all applications as you would like to see, that would be followed by even more applications.
    Pretty soon, all of the brownfield sites will be used up.
    We have a situation now where 8,000 new dwellings need to be built within the restricted boundaries of Bristol. Using your theory, there will only be one option to build those houses and that will be in the greenbelt, because you’ve turned all available land into TVG’s.

    You need to get into the real world, try immagining where these extra houses are going to be built if everywhere is a TVG.

    Cue the response about getting the vacant properties back in use, of course that has to be done in conjunction with extra house building.
    And for those people responding about building on Brownfield sites before building in the greenspaces of the countryside. Why do the resdients of cities have to take resonsibility and lower their standard of living, by cramping an already overcrowded area, just so that the country boys can continue living in their little havens.
    We all have to accomodate this extra need.

  9. bobs permalink
    March 29, 2012 7:40 am

    Rich – what allegations have I made against you personally of threats ? I believe it is nil.

    As regards lying, well that’s almost everything you say. I think Tony Dyer has dealt with this adequately already. But I would accept a defence of extreme ignorance. Its just that in most poeple that would result in silence on the topic rather than a dairrhoea of rubbish.

  10. March 29, 2012 9:22 am

    The robin hood is robbing us. This Ashton Vale fairy story is not one of philanthropic social enterprise. Its a tale of concrete and tarmac, exclusive housing for the wealthy and massive profit machines of hypermarket, burger
    joints, hotels etc etc. The new stadium is but a by product of the profit machine, to give long suffering supporters false hope.
    There’s stacks of empty space round Ashton Gate now, a sensible owner would go for that not the years of torment for local residents that Robbing Hood unleashed.

  11. thebristolblogger permalink
    March 29, 2012 7:55 pm

    You need to get into the real world

    Ah yes. Dickies real world. Is this the world of violent masked eco-fundamentalists and greenbelt saving terrorists from across the west that meet at the Banco Lounge to plot minor damage to the tree in his front garden?

  12. bigredrich permalink
    March 30, 2012 8:51 pm


    You ask ” Rich – what allegations have I made against you personally of threats ? I believe it is nil”.
    On the 14th March at 10.58pm, in the topic titled Dodgy Digger merchants, you answered a question that I had asked you, with the following statement: ” Because the more you force and push and threaten and berate and slander and lie and propagandise, the more some poeple will stand against you”
    You have followed up your earlier allegations with yet another, after first denying that you’ve made them, with this stat3ement in this topic “As regards lying, well that’s almost everything you say”.

    I have challenged you before to prove those claims that you have made about me, so far you have not done so. Now you even deny making those claims, so I have shown them to everyone to prove that you are lying.
    I will accept an apology from you but don’t expect one.

    So once more I will challenge you to prove (A) I am lying, (B) I have slandered anyone, and (C) that I have threatened anyone.
    You other allegations cannot be proven one way or another as they are your opinions.

    Bristol Blogger

    Billy boy the sage of Bristol comes out with another belter.
    How do you think up these wonders of wit?

  13. Richard Lane permalink
    March 30, 2012 9:24 pm

    For anyone that wants to know what propoganda is, (the crime that BobS accuses me of), look no further than the utter tripe written by your leader.
    Oh how wonderful it must be to have a leader with the poetic skills of Sacredspring.

    I have made several comments about the future housing requirements of Bristol and the region. About the TVG applications and the councils decision to try and opt out of the normal TVG legal process due to excessive costs. Nobody has answered or commented in any great detail on any of those topics.

    Sacredspring has gone off on another tangent, waffling on about burger joints, Robin Hood and concrete.

    BobS has attacked me (as usual) and denied making any allegations against me.

    Billy the blogger has been gibbering away to himself about greenbellt terrorists and the tree in my garden.

    Nobody wants to discuss anything properly on this site (excluding Paul), I can only assume that you are only too happy to avoid discussions, as they would show you up for what you are, anti stadium, anti development, anti Bristol, anti establishment and anti discussion. Nobody can question your views, because your obviously so bitter and twisted and set in your opinions.
    I have always tried to be reasonable (unless abused), I have only ever tried to provide a different opinion, I have tried to be light hearted most of the time, yet in 99% of the replies made to me or about me, I get that load of shyte.

    I’m sure there will be a JR, I’m sure there will be another decision by the PROWG committee, I’m sure the stadium will be built, I’m sure you lot will still be bitter and twisted in the end.

  14. Richard Lane permalink
    March 30, 2012 9:44 pm

    So now that NS has produced it’s core strategy document and the threat to Greenbelt development has diminished around the area. With councils and pressure groups celebrating and even Avonwildlife appearing to welcome the new planning laws.
    Perhaps the opposition to the stadium will diminish from the various groups around the region, as there will now not be the threat of housing to their idylic rural retreats.

    Of course the stadium application, which went through all the proper legal procedures to gain planning permision, for a development within the greenbelt, because it met the special criteria required to build within the greenbelt, will now obviously be allowed to go ahead, because it now poses no threat to the houses of Mangotsfield, Shortwood green, Kingswood, Keynsham, Whitchurch, Failand, Long Ashton and Dundry.
    I wonder why the support for the TVG from all these groups seems to have waivered recently?

  15. March 31, 2012 7:50 am

    I don’t really think mr lane will get much sympathy as a discussion victim when he’s been allowed three times the propaganda space others have taken.
    The decision to allow building on the green belt and the decision to allow permission for the monster hypermarket have been in direct conflict with the adopted local plan.
    The long running campaign of the current council leaders to flog off and build on green space in the outer areas of the city has been at the expense of the more deprived regions.
    The more affluent areas of the city are set to gain without the threat to their green space.
    It’s a simple equation of inequality.
    And thrown into the mix you get the millionaire expats and the multinational greed-Merchant grocers who seem intent on reducing every historic shopping street and every city sports stadium into deserts of junk food chains.
    The anti-stadium jibe is as cheap as the nimby jibe. Non resident donkeys like you mr lane should admit that I’ve been consistently pro stadium from day one. Pro stadium where it is now in its rightful and historic home. Not on green belt with all the associated profit vehicles that the wealthy bean counters craftily have tacked onto ‘the stadium’ within the green belt.

  16. bobs permalink
    March 31, 2012 6:30 pm

    Oh dear Rich. You are getting worse arn’t you. Now try reading words in context. They always help the meaning. The word “you” does not always mean “Richard Lane”.

    So – have you Richard Lane threatened anyone ? not as far as I know but you seem very keen to find out where everyone lives.

    Do you lie ? – constantly. I keep telling you you do as does everyone else. Either that or you are extremely ignorant on the issues and without a care as to whether you tell the truth or not. I’m not sure which is worse.

    Do you slander anyone ? – yes. Pretty much everyone on this blog who carefully points out the truth to you whilst you seem incapable of understanding maps or documents for yourself (or are happy to misquote them without looking at them)

    Now why don’t you forget about your club wasting money it cannot afford renting a new stadium from one of the complex web of companies belonging to its foreign owner and concentrate on supporting your club on the pitch before it dissapears into administration in league 1.

    Might be time to start calling for support from your neighbours rather than waging war on them. But I have been saying that for 3 years now and the war on Southville, Ashton Vale and Long Asthon continues.

  17. Richard Lane permalink
    April 1, 2012 3:59 pm


    If I make the statement to you that, you are a liar or a scumbag, do you think I mean you, or a collective term for all the other posters on here that have the same opinion? As you may or may not have noticed, there are no other posters with the same opinions as me on this site, so the only person you could have been directing your abuse and allegations at, is myself.

    You have constantly accused me of lying, without once proving your claim and neither did Tony Dyer, you’d just like to think that.

    I’ll give you another chance. Prove that I have lied.

    I have not slandered anybody, prove it.

    I have not threatened anybody, prove it.

    When I say prove it, I mean with some sort of evidence, not just your misguided opinion.

    As for finding out where people live, I have never worried about where someone lived, unless they start telling me that I am not allowed an opinion because of where I live. It is only then that I raise the question and it’s not done with any sinister intention,as you seem to be implying.

  18. Richard Lane permalink
    April 1, 2012 4:16 pm


    When you say that I’ve been allowed three time as much space as other posters, are you saying other posters have been restricted, or that I’ve just used the same site more effectively than others?

    You know that without me, you’d have no discussion on this site. in fact I’d say most of the time the discussion based around me.

    Any plan that has not previously thought of and included in the local plan is bound to be in conflict with it, whether it’s for the benefit of the region or not.

    I agree with you about the green spaces and the selling of them but as long as we have a restictive boundary and a demand for more housing, coupled with a selfish policy of the wealthy, whether that be in or out of the city, there is only one place those housing developments will be, and you are against those as well.

    As for your comment about me being a donkey, eeaw eeaw eeaw eealways say’s things like that when he means he’s been definately anti new stadium, whilst using a smoke screen with the old stadium.

  19. bobs permalink
    April 2, 2012 8:56 am

    “As for finding out where people live, I have never worried about where someone lived, unless they start telling me that I am not allowed an opinion because of where I live. It is only then that I raise the question and it’s not done with any sinister intention,as you seem to be implying.”

    This is an example of that lying thing you do.

  20. April 2, 2012 12:07 pm

    Anybody heard the JR verdict yet?

  21. Richard Lane permalink
    April 3, 2012 9:28 pm

    Another claim in your last statement when referring to my statement of : “As for finding out where people live, I have never worried about where someone lived, unless they start telling me that I am not allowed an opinion because of where I live. It is only then that I raise the question and it’s not done with any sinister intention,as you seem to be implying.”
    You say “This is an example of that lying thing you do”.

    So where is the lie? and where is the proof of that lie?

    You have given nothing but your opinion on my statement, you are wrong in that opinion.

    How can you possibly claim it is a lie? All you have ever done is make claim after claim of this or that. At no time have you offered even a modicum of rational explanation of your claims, for example, what do you base this claim on? have you proof that I do care where people live? have you proof that I worry about where people live?

    It’s time you gave up your poor attempt at character assasination and apologised for your truly awful behaviour.

    You have no support from the more level headed people in your campaign and you are badly letting them down. People in other places are now classifying all opposition posters on this site in the same bracket as yourself, somewhat like when some refer to football supporters as hooligans.
    You obviously are not one of the nice normal people that Sacredspring claims lives in Ashton Vale.

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