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D-Day : Digger Disaster or Dodgy Deal Declaration

March 31, 2012

Could be decision time for the judge on Monday then barring any further hiccups, manflu, ehem new evidence etc.
Could also be calling time on the green belt as the Diggers Donkey Disaster gets underway.
Monster hypermarket at Ashton gate and Donkey Kong on the green belt, this is what Simon Cook and his cronies want to vindictively inflict on the residents of Greater Bedminster.
Unless the verdict goes to a JR of the decision making process which is the true hope for democracy and The Rights of the common people.

Take a look at the Trump golf course on SSSI in Alex Salmonds constituency.
You’ve been Trumped

Not on the same scale but lots of similarities with Ashton Vale greenbelt. What’s similar is the lowdown on how the new sporting venue is promoted on the back of suspect economic and employment figures and their power over politicians. Where environmental heritage is binned in favour of discredited growth and dubious beneficial development.
Also note: Trump getting an honorary degree from Aberdeen uni. A Doctor of business administration he wins, whatever that is. The cash strapped university deferring honours to the greed merchant, cap in hand they have no shame. No awards from them to the brave citizens fighting the odorous Trump.

Lucky our prestigious academic institutions in Bristol wouldn’t dream of stooping so low as to award a begging bowl funny hat to a billionaire wealth merchant.

  1. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    April 1, 2012 11:01 am

    I hate the likes of Trump, and the “lickers” who are attracted by wealth, power, and celebrity ( whatever that means ), and you don’t have to go to Scotland to find them. However, it’s hardly fair to compare an Hon. Degree handed out to a local businessman who has made-good in his home city to what has been done at Aberdeen. If there is any merit in Hon. Degrees, surely being kept for those who have benefited the local community is some justification. As for the JR, I still don’t understand why the Council are using so much energy trying to stop it. We are only talking about a short time difference, so it does seem they have doubts about winning. I must admit that part of me wants permission for the stadium granted and the ball is back with the developers. We will then see if there still as keen as they were!

  2. Richard Lane permalink
    April 1, 2012 4:29 pm


    If there is no JR (I think there will be), then the building could start straight away.
    If there is a JR, then we have to wait for the outcome, then wait for a new decision from the PROWG, then wait for the inevitable appeal, then wait for another JR or not. That is why they don’t want this JR.

    At the end of the day, money talks. There’s a lot of investment planned for this area, with the new stadium, new food outlets, new Hotel, new housing, new supermarket, new housing on the existing Sainsbury’s site all of which will benefit the local economy, no matter what the opposition think and say.
    Will the powers that be, turn their back on this investment, in favour of keeping the former tip as it is and a few locals happy? I doubt it very much.

  3. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    April 1, 2012 6:17 pm

    Hi Rich
    “building could start straight away.” Not according to the Chairman who, when Simon Cook stated that the JR was over, said plans had been put on hold and it would take several months to be ready. Also,I thought this was all about a new stadium, not all the add-ons you mention. These will be built if there is a stadium, not the other way around. I agree that money talks, but am confused as to whom “the powers that be” you are referring. Also, of course, if the Council got it right, the JR will surely be the end of any opposition.

  4. Richard Lane permalink
    April 1, 2012 11:11 pm


    I speak metaphorically when referring to being able to start building straight away. There would be nothing legally stopping the building straight away. If there were a JR, then we would have the waits I referred to.
    Obviously contracts would need to be signed regardless of if there were or were not a JR, so in that respect yes, it could start as soon as that was sorted out, or sooner if there is no JR.
    This is all about the new stadium, without it there is no housing, no Hotel, no supermarket, no development of the existing site. The only certain thing, would be housing at moorelands and that would then almost certainly have to adhere to the 106 agreements or whatever it is that’s taken it’s place.
    I’ve never shyed away from referring to the other benefits of the stadium build. The main thing as far as the club is concerned is the stadium, the other developments on the site assist the stadium finances. It allows it to go ahead, with the rest financed from SLs pocket.
    The other developments rely totally on the stadium being built, so I’m saying that the council (powers that be)will back it.

    I think the council are the ones that can unlock this site, if they have the political will. They are there to do the best for Bristol and it’s citizens, by supporting the new stadium they are doing just that, in my opinion.

    I now fully expect Bob to claim that I’m lying about the council being the power or some other allegation.
    What do you think of his comments Paul?

  5. April 2, 2012 8:25 am

    I wouldn’t directly compare the hideous Trump fiasco with here, just a few similarities.
    The investment in the city has got to be sustainable and Lansdown has missed the ethical boat by opting to concrete the greenbelt and flog off the old ground for a monster hypermarket. If thats worthy of an honour then thats up to the establishment, other reasons such as winning on the global gambling market feature highly no doubt and yes they are big city employers. There’s always an element of self interest in these awards.

  6. April 2, 2012 8:42 am

    Mr lane, glad you appreciate the free space I give you and I’m sure your braying on my site is an essential part of its intellectual success, long may it continue, baaaaaaa.
    The Aston Vale new stadium saga is not one of simply a new stadium as it is portrayed. It is one of massive profit machines swallowing up what is the green buffer zone to our city, buffer zones that were set up to prevent the endless urban sprawl that so called developers inflict by building on cheap farmland and forest.
    This is a sorry tale of city leaders capitulation under the cosh of an agressive campaign by the wealth merchants.
    The new stadium is just an aside. The land grabbers have got more than a sniff of monster bonuses. They all claim their schemes are essential, blah blah, and so get to walk ovet the local citizens.
    They usually get their way as the wealthy in this country have a way of commanding irreverant respect where they are beyond criticism. A relic of our feudal system, the nouveau lords of the manor.
    And future generations will wonder how this was allowed to happen.

  7. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    April 2, 2012 3:46 pm

    If the Gov. new planning document is to be believed, the Greenbelt beyond the Stadium development should be secure, atleast in the medium term. Two planning applications for building on Greenbelt have been rejected by Banes, and one is going to appeal, so this will show if the Gov. are as good as their word. With the fiasco of the last couple of weeks they really need to restore some credability. Campaigning groups have been quiet lately, nothing to do with the stadium, just that there have been few new planning applications, but they have not gone away. Then again, neither have the speculators who bought the options on the Greenbelt land. This time we got lucky. Credit Crunch, house prices falling, banks in turmoil, and a final realisation that New Labour were about the most incompetant gov. in history. Winning the battle is not always winning the war.

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