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Gary Hopkins wants BRT because it’s cheap….

April 17, 2012

Seriously, that’s the only reason the councillors are promoting this guided shopping trolley is cheapness.

But Who would want a cheap and nasty guided bendy bus concrete highway carving through pedestrian areas? And will it be used by the public? It has been proven in North America where BRT run similar routes to conventional light rail have had a fraction of the passenger numbers hoped for.

So we know it’s cheap(er) in capital costs but certainly not for the fare payers if Worst group run the show. Anything else Hopkins and crew like to shout about. Yes, that it’s the only chance we’ll get of Government subsidy for transport is the other platitude we keep hearing.
That may well be the case for now but let me tell them this. I’d prefer to see the £50 million in used fiftys torn up and dumped over Ashton Swing Bridge. At least then we will still have a heritage dockside that we can promote to the world and at least we’ll keep the only dedicated pedestrian and cyclist route to town from Ashton and the South.

Anyone know what it’s like to go on a BRT? I’ve pointed out in a previous post how failed the technology is by the fact that the bendy buses can’t go backwards on the guided route -like the Sinclair C5 :it takes an idiot or genius to design out a reverse.
So the BRT according to my spies who recently went on the the Cambridge one goes something like this. First nip into Asdals and pinch a trolley, one of the normal ones that won’t go where you want it to. Then remove the magnet thing that stops the tramps going home. Pop your mother-in-law into it (or someone else you don’t like) and then run down Coronation Rd like a maniac keeping the left hand wheels in contact with the kerbstone on the left, mowing down pedestrians and cyclists while you’re at it.


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