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Bristol’s Bangalore Torpedo

April 24, 2012

Punch drunk Cameron comes staggering out in the Marriott with 300 hand picked cheerleaders. No debate at the Grammar School for this seasoned campaigner, he’s not stupid. Lots of talk of heavyweights and fighting the corner as the boxing analogies get more cliched. Then the haymaker bombshell that we’re competing with Bangalore. What? I know it’s a big wide world out there and our cities begin with the same letter….
Anyone convinced by camerons pro-mayor campaign?
A message from Bloomberg in New York? Mmm, we know how this man couldn’t let go of the role.
And did I read him wrong or did he really say that a Mayor is the purest form of power? No it was the purest form of democracy, which in itself is an odd thing to say as this is only a bleeding mayors debate.
Don’t forget folks, we’ll stagnate if we don’t have the Tory toff’s boris clone in a Bristol Mayors funny hat, Bangalore must be worried.


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