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Town green JR date set June 2012

April 26, 2012

Date set for June 14th for hearing into councils decision process over Ashton Vale town green.
About time the process was looked at in detail.
The antics that went on in order to avoid the inspectors recommendations over the town green is well worthy of scrutiny.

Anyone following the Lerversone enquiry will see how far politicians get sucked up to and sucked into big business and media deals.
This has happened a bit nearer home at a local level.
Although not part of the JR remit I’d like to know which councillors were involved in the secret negotiations at the outset of the new stadium plans when Lansdown was given the nod that his greenbelt plans would get through.
Have councillors and officers been colluding with the wealthy businessman? How did the Stainsburies hypermarket get approved against the local plan?
And what links have their been with the local press?
The biased misreporting of the local paper on the town green application and hypermarket approval has shocked the most cynical media observers. Even the BBC got swept into the mire of Lansdown hysteria as it described the rejection of the first sansburies Hypermarket application as a rejection of the new stadium which had in fact already been approved.
So we’ve got a sorry tale in Bristol to match the London saga.
Only ours was made worse by the devisive reporting that set communities, streets and families at odds with the kind of violent undercurrent that still haunts family friendly football clubs (look at Glasgow rangers for recent police protection of SFA panel members for decisions the club don’t like).

  1. Richard Lane permalink
    April 26, 2012 10:59 pm

    Blimey! there I was being accused of claiming a conspiracy theory, when all the opposition groups were scratching each others backs supporting various groups campaigns and organisation and linking of those campaigns, then you come out with these whoppers.

    Wasn’t it the SWRDA that targeted that land and what became known as Ashton Park, as areas to be removed from the greenbelt? It was all part of the RSS plans for the south Bristol urban expansion and eventually (reluctantly) agreed by the four local authorities along with others, until the demise of those organisations.

  2. April 27, 2012 7:32 am

    No not the defunct SWRDA but a bunch of wealthy building companies who bought up all the green belt as far as barrow gurney before they started pushing for the urban expansion. The developers (= fatcat green belt destroyers) include the ones dealing with Lansdown and the new stadium.
    The stadium, hotel, burger joints, housing estates etc were all the catalyst for the frenzied 10,000 house greenbelt wipeout; the fartcats banking on the new stadium kick starting their building frenzy, under a smoke screen of world cup fever.
    Don’t tell me no lobbying has taken place with the council house and a few nods given, deals done or the local MP’s were not in on it. Dimarolo was heard talking it up and put her (light)weight in Lansdowns camp.

    Jankes has just resigned, which is all a bit odd.

  3. thebristolblogger permalink
    April 27, 2012 5:15 pm

    Wasn’t it the SWRDA that targeted that land and what became known as Ashton Park

    Didn’t Guy “Gormless” Price work for the SWRDA? Small world innit?

  4. Richard Lane permalink
    April 27, 2012 11:50 pm


    I think I’ve just about understood your rant. I think Mr Lansdown bought the stadium site from a speculator after it was known that the site was to be removed from greenbelt, not before as you’d like to portray it.

    Bungling Blogger

    Theres a strange turn of events eh! Mr lansdown employs someone with the correct credentials and knowledge of the area to head up the stadium development team. I wonder why the unemployed bricky from Withywood never got the job? Must be a conspiracy.

  5. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    April 28, 2012 3:19 pm

    From memory, the campaign against Ashton Park and the development by the Uni. of LARC land was well underway, but not over, when the stadium was first made public. The group of which I was a member decided, not unanimously, not to campaign against the stadium because we thought many of those who supported us on the GB development, would not do the same over the stadium. A type of democracy, or so I thought. Also, on Mr. Price, I think you will find it was Jon Lansdown who headed the stadium team. Shame so few of the football club board, have had so little experience of football at any level, but I suppose thats why you employ a manager.

  6. Richard Lane permalink
    April 28, 2012 7:20 pm

    Guy Price was the stadium development team manager, Jon was part of the team and a direct link to the boss.

  7. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    April 28, 2012 7:36 pm

    Rich. The man who wears the arm band, does not always capt. the team. Good finish to the season. Gives everybody a better summer. All we need now is promotion for Bris and a few wins for Glos, and the Bristol sporting public will be like pigs in the proverbial. Do we have anybody in the Olympics?

  8. Richard Lane permalink
    April 28, 2012 7:38 pm

    It’s fair to assume that when someone comes up with a plan for anything, anywhere in the world, they sound it out by asking the relevent powers to be if they think it’s feasable, it would be stupid not to.
    Depending on the answers given, the person with those plans makes a decision to either proceed or not.
    In this instance, the decision was obviously taken to proceed, so there must have been some positive responses to those questions.
    You seem to think that Mr Lansdown bought the land, then decided to ask the questions and try to pursuade people to pass his plans, rather a risky policy, don’t you think? Unless you are saying that the collusions you talk of, involved the greasing of palms, you’ve made allegations before without substance, so I’m not surprised by these.

  9. Richard Lane permalink
    April 29, 2012 1:25 am


    I don’t think Bristol has produced any sporting greats to represent us in the olympics, this is to be expected going on our facilities and history of not producing top class achievers in hardly any fields.

    Obviously jon was in the development team as an extension of his father. Guy was definately the manager, he had the experience for that position, that’s why he was employed, he was not there in name only.
    If Jon was in charge, I think it would have been a more robust approach to the dealings with opposition groups, they would have had a much tougher time.
    Months before the club actually joined the GBCP, I advocated membership for the club, the supporters groups, local business sponsors and city supporting residents and businesses, all of whom had a legitimate right of membership and could have given their views to what was a very biassed blinkered self elected group, that thought they spoke for all residents.
    I also suggested attendance of opposition groups meetings to assess the level and planned opposition and be seen to play a more active part in the community, these were shunned for fear of upsetting the neighbours. I don’t think Jon would have been as cautious.
    As it turned out, the club were then accused of not being part of the community and threatened with being banned from membership of the GBCP by some of the more high profile members of that group. I don’t suppose they could win which ever way they went.

    No end of accusations have been levelled at the club, it’s owners and supporters by the opposition groups, in their battle to win their own spuriously linked campaigns. The reality is that the club have played it straight from the outset and been kicked by all and sundry who have believed the propoganda spouted by the likes of Sacredspring.
    Perhaps being straight is the right way, we can only wait and see.

    Come on Bristol.

  10. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    April 29, 2012 11:58 am

    Rich. You raise a very interesting incite into Neighbourhood Partnerships and how undemocratic they are. The number of local residents whose views are taken into account is miniscual and always involves the same people. You could argue that if people don’t bother to attend it’s really their own fault, but many still have no idea what NP are all about, and you really only find out if you look for it. In this busy, modern World, most don’t have the time. I make every effort to attend mine, but still find it difficult to approve of what goes on.

  11. April 29, 2012 2:20 pm

    Football club are surprised a few residents don’t like them and want nothing to do with them?
    The directors live in a different world or different country so couldn’t give a damn about GBCP unless its to further their own ambitions. Which is what happened when they joined the GBCP to get the hypermarket application propaganda out. Nobody prevented them or threatened them in fact they were welcomed as I understand it, about time too a lot of residents thought. Compare that with the way Lansdown and crew declared war on residents and opposition at Ashton Vale mobilising the minority of nutters who drag the club down and the targeting of politicians and families. The true extent of this will come out one day.
    As expected once all the council permissions were handed over and the community destruction hypermarket enterprise could begin there’s not much sign of Guy Price at GBCP.
    And Mr Lane paints the club as a victim like Rupert Murdoch did last week what a joke!

    The Murdoch similarities extend to the dealings with the council. Palms don’t need to be greased when you’ve got politicians falling over themselves to ingratiate with a wealthy businessman promising the World Cup and a million jobs.

  12. Richard Lane permalink
    April 29, 2012 7:50 pm

    Your version of history is very interesting and as usual completely twisted.
    There was a massive outcry from all parties when it emerged that the ruling heads of the GBCP were advocating the refusal/banning of BCFC from membership of the GBCP. There was a very big debate on the forum about it, as I remember Fiducia (Tess Green) was very much opposed.

    You say “Football club are surprised a few residents don’t like them and want nothing to do with them?” On this point you are correct, when referring to THE FEW.
    The rest of your post is once more littered with accusations. Not one shred of evidence to be seen anywhere and you have never tried to produce any as usual. The great accuser.

  13. Richard Lane permalink
    April 29, 2012 7:58 pm

    These groups are supposed to represent the local community. Unfortunately they get taken over by people that want to change or influence things to suit themselves and are motivated politically, or not, to do so.
    It’s a shame they don’t get out and meet the real community, rather than just a small social circle of like minded people.

    It’s typical of the apathy of Bristolians though. I saw in the EP the other day that of those contenders for the post of leader of the local Lib Dems, not one was born and bred in Bristol, why?

  14. April 29, 2012 10:01 pm

    Your limited grasp of this Mr Lane is once again due to the distance you live from the communities affected.
    Quoting from the GBCP forum as the extent of your knowledge is to be expected.
    The few residents who dared to raise their voice as is their democratic right have been targeted by the OTIB yobbo brigade of which you no doubt approve. The GBCP is democratic as has been discovered by Guy Price and the footy club when they bothered to find out and get involved. Don’t see many residents getting invited to your club board meetings.
    Its no surprise that the majority of residents are against the hypermarket and have been reluctant to respond to the goading and braying of the mob who in the main live far away from the area. The targeting of individual local residents who express an opinion is consistent with the manhunt mentality that has been tolerated and even encouraged by the club in order to get their way.
    Mr Lane forgets the packed meeting at St Francis church and the march down North st- this is the real community who he thinks doesn’t have the right to a voice.
    These attempts at silencing critics has not been good for democracy and is a sad indictment of a club that operates like a dictatorship of which Mr Lane you have been a misguided apologist.

    Never mind, we who have to live in the shadow of Lansdowns hypermarket will doubtless get on with our lives long after the damage is done- while the directors live in luxury far away.

    Still-got the JR to look forward to uncover a few more juicy conspiracys.

  15. April 29, 2012 10:06 pm

    I saw in the EP the other day that of those contenders for the post of leader of the local Lib Dems, not one was born and bred in Bristol, why?

    How many football club directors live in the Greater Bedminster area???

    Big LOSER going down that avenue.

  16. Richard Lane permalink
    April 29, 2012 11:01 pm


    Attack after attack after attack, with still not a shred of anything that even closely resembles evidence, to back up any one of your claims.
    At least I know what was said in the GBCP forums about the football clubs application to join, you obviously don’t.

    The only thing factual is your referrence to the meeting in St Francis church hall, (not church), who spoke at the meeting? The one and only Tony Dyer, from Chipping Sodbury, representing the local residents no doubt.
    I remember the march down North St as well, orchestrated by the few and attended by their children to boost the numbers.
    Anyone from outside the area is wellcome and encouraged to join forces with the anarchists like yourself, that hate developments but nobody from outside the area is allowed to have a voice, who do you think supports the shops, pubs, cafes, and restaurants of the area? Take away the outsiders that have no voice and the area dies.

    Do you really think that a private company would invite complete strangers into their shareholders meetings? As it happens, many local residents are shareholders and do attend the meetings, as members they are wellcome, the GBCP on the otther hand, wanted exclusion.

    How many shop owners live in the area? You have a stupid argument, the football club is based in the area and is a business, it’s been there longer than many of the shops and houses and is one of the longest running businesses, if it was a fishing fleet, using your theory the owners should live at sea? Anyway, I wasn’t talking to you, so butt out.

  17. Richard Lane permalink
    April 29, 2012 11:18 pm

    As for the meeting in the church hall. I lived opposite that hall, my relations still do. As the opposition to the suermarket originated and was led by the people of Southville(not Ashton), it was promoted in Southville by the usual suspects and therefore my relations were not even aware a meeting was or had taken place opposite their home, until after the event, typical of the exclusion policy held by the Lords at the GBCP.
    As I’ve said before, I have lived in Ashton, my son was born and christened there, as were my nephew and niece and the greats after them. I have relations there, I have an ex partner there, I shop there, socialise there, run my business there, have friends there, bank there and have been attending football matches for over forty years there. Don’t tell me I know jack shit about the area. Obviously I don’t have daily contact in the area and I would not claim to know everything about the daily goings on in the Southville centre but I do know the area, more so than the likes of Ron Morton the great opposition campaigner and Glenn Vowles the green party activist that lives in Knowle but helps form policy for the green party in the Southville Ward.


  18. bobs permalink
    April 30, 2012 12:12 pm

    Rich states – “Glenn Vowles the green party activist that lives in Knowle”

    I would say you couldn’t make it up – but Rich keeps making it up.

  19. Darren permalink
    April 30, 2012 4:14 pm

    What is underhand, is using a Town Green law to stop development on a 40 acre site! It clearly isn’t a town green! The residents were offered a huge area 20 acres, but still they weren’t satisfied. Hope you lose your review.

  20. thebristolblogger permalink
    April 30, 2012 9:57 pm

    While Vowlsie is legend who should be mayor, I find it hard it hard to believe he could form an effective green policy for his own backyard never mind an area the size of Southville.

  21. April 30, 2012 9:57 pm

    Town green law goes back hundreds of years to protect local residents from green grabbing landlords. It has been strengthened in recent years by government nothing underhand about that.

    Mr Lane has a memory lapse again as a succession of local residents spoke out against the hypermarket in the packed church meeting. If his relatives didn’t know about it then it’s his responsibility for not telling them. The church event was widely publicised and shame the club declined to supply an official rep.
    The march down North St was unprecedented and showed the massive support for local traders and residents against lansdowns monster hypermarket.
    I seem to remember Sexton also making a big deal of his Bemmie roots with no sense of irony now he lives in the other posher side of Bristol. Bit like all the Americans who boast about their Irish roots. As if it gives them the biggest shout in a planning application even though they’re now scattered across the city and country.

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