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Another day another supermarket

July 20, 2012

Now that the burghers of S.Glos council have given the carte blanche for the gas- mongers to build on the greenfields at Hewlett Packard the propaganda and dodgy dealing campaign to concrete the historic memorial ground playing fields for a mega-store can begin in earnest.
Thats not strickly true, it began on day one with the bull baffling ‘enabling’ argument rolled out.
As this fallacy was the kingpin of the profit vultures monster store at ashton gate it doesn’t take more than a few lazy idiots in suits to try it all on again.
So for the next few months of propaganda don’t bother reading the tosspot Toast, just look back in the archives here. Same old….
And when the planning committee throws out the stupid sized monster hypermarket, Uncle Cook and gang will see to it that the committee is changed for a bunch of impotent subservient ‘yes’-drongos.
Nevermind the disaster to the Glos rd historic shopping streets, or the traffic nightmare and poison gas fumes, forget the phantom job lies and sustainable transport porkies.
If the fatcats in the Snailsburys empire can pull it off at Ashton Gate against the adopted local plan they can pull it off anywhere.
This company has struck gold with the dodgiest of tricks that would have bosses at barclays blushing.
The enabling argument.
Enabling the destruction of historic sports grounds.
Enabling monster hypermarkets that would stand no chance against adopted plans.
Enabling the concreting of greenbelt and meadow.
Enabling the use of thousands of extra car journeys at a time when the city is having to beg for extra time to meet is EU air quality requirements.
Enabling massive profits for the multinational company at the expense of the local shopping streets and communities.

And all done so that the failed football businesses can limp along dreaming of better times ahead.

  1. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    July 20, 2012 5:30 pm

    I often park near to the Tesco in Kellaway Ave. and walk to the rugby ground so, it’s fair to say there will be two supermarkets “within walking distance”. Bad news for the pubs in Gloucester Road and the supporters who make it an afternoon out by having a pint or two, but hey, who cares when there is money to be made.

  2. July 20, 2012 9:37 pm

    Pubs and eating places will take a big hit.
    So will the already rammed North Bristol road network.
    The rugby ground should be kept.

  3. Richard Lane permalink
    July 22, 2012 1:19 am

    quick, remove the post.

  4. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    July 23, 2012 6:30 pm

    Hi Rich, After a bad run from Boro, last season, I had a little wager on Reading at 33/1. This season I’v had a few quid on Brighton @18/1. Get On! I understand my team may be joining you at the Gate next season. Hope so, because I won’t be going to South Glos.

  5. Richard Lane permalink
    July 23, 2012 11:02 pm

    Thanks for re-posting, I forgot what you said.

    I can’t see there’s any way SL will allow the rugby club to pay rent to Rovers. I believe the two will form an administrative union to save costs and also groundshare. Find some nice BS3 pubs but omit the Tobacco factory, the landlord will say and do anything to be popular with the locals, while filling his bank account.

  6. July 23, 2012 11:21 pm

    Good to see Laney is awake and absorbing all the important facts.

    Is your master still squirrelling his loot away in the tax haven?
    George Osbourne thinks he’s morally repugnant.

    Just like the Snailsburys empire who the local football oligarchs are sharing a bed with.

  7. Richard Lane permalink
    July 24, 2012 10:28 pm

    Glad to see your still spewing out the same utter tripe.
    I think Osbourne was targeting the small trader that take payments in cash and don’t declare it. I don’t think he mentioned Mr Lansdown who’s redistributing his personal tax, to make sure it doesn’t all go to Scotland, NI, Wales and the so called impoverished northern cities that usually get our share of the taxes. I suppose he could give up employing all the people on his payrolls at AG and HL, rugby club and lose all their earnings, taxes, business rates, council rates and all the other forms of taxes that go alonhg with employing large numbers of people. He could then come back, claim his pension and not earn anything more personally, thus avoiding any tax, apart from on his pension.

  8. July 25, 2012 6:54 am

    Now then Laney you need a lesson in capitalism. The filthy rich don’t get even richer because they give their ill-gotten loot away or that they’re nice people like Ghandi or the Dalai Lama.

    I agree with that football club owners are pouring cash into their failed businesses. Good for them.
    Trouble is when they want to build massive high st busting megastores and want to trash the green belt because of their profligate waste of money on their dubious players and subsequent whining that the clubs not making enough money.
    Why should they get special exemption from the adopted laws of planning that the man in the street has to abide by just because they are rolling in it and choose to throw money away on millionaire playing staff?

    The new stadium, the monster Snailsburys and the trashing of green belt are all about one thing, profit.

  9. Richard Lane permalink
    July 25, 2012 10:18 pm

    Springy baby
    The lessons are needed by yourself young man, none of your left wing rantings will cover up your lack of knowledge. Please listen carefully and take on board the following.
    1. BCFC and MR Lansdown have abided by all planning laws as you well know, they have never waivered from them, unlike others who have used laws intended for one purpose and used them for something completely different and inevitably, this devious practice will be found wanting in time.
    2 Nobody has ever whined that the club isn’t making enough money, in fact how could they, as it’s constantly losing money, just another Sacredspring slight.
    3. As requested on many occasions but still awaiting a creditable answer, where is the profit in building the stadium, when there is a shortfall of over £50m, you have never given an answer dealing only with this question, please do so this time.
    4. There have been no millionaire players made by BCFC, how you can compare this club with those at the top end of the premiership is just another example of you twisting things in order to portray the club in a bad light, just another underhand tactic.
    5. Funny that the threat of a larger Sainsbury’s, closer to North st shops has coincided with an increase of retail units opening in the area since it gained lawful planning permission, which would appear to blow your theory out of the water.
    So take these lessons on board, do some extra homework and come back when you understand what you’re trying to talk about.
    Oh yes please bring me an apple, or you’ll face extra detention, I might even make you sit under my desk.

  10. July 26, 2012 8:22 am

    Ahem Lane go to the corner with your dunce cap.
    Write the following 100 times:
    Concreting the green belt and building hundreds of posh houses, hotels, conference centre, shiteburger drive-thru’s, bars, luxury gymnasium, beach volleyball stadium etc will create a massive uplift in land value from the current green belt value of not worth a carrot because no ones allowed to build on it to millions/acre and the rest so that the capital uplift in land value and buildings can be flogged off in the future for a handsome win and stashed away in the channel island banana republic [or Spain for a better interest rate]. If it was not about pure profit then the current stadium would be renovated and the south Bristol community would not have the doomsday threat of the monster store hanging over them and the greenbelt wrecked. I must work harder in telling the truth and not shite like I normally do.

  11. Richard Lane permalink
    July 26, 2012 11:24 pm

    Spring young man, you have completely ommitted some very important things in your twisted perception of how this deal works.
    There admitedly can be no doubt that land values will rise once building takes place. The thing is, you’ve completely forgotten to add the building costs into the equasion. For a start the housing site will be sold to others, along with the site of the hotel and restaurant. The totals of those sales being £15m I believe, will go towards the stadium build costs, along with the sale of AG for £20m, making a total of £35m, add in naming rights of say £5m and you have a total investment from sales of £40m. As we all know the stadium build costs are in the region of £92m+ leaving a defecit of £52m+. Now then, this is where you constantly forget to mention that someone else has to raise that money to build the stadium and more importantly, to be able to realise any profit, the stadium would need to be sold for over £92m, the question is, who would want to buy a stadium?
    No doubt the housebuilders will hope to make a profit, as will the hotel and restaurant in their operations, but how do you make a profit from a £52m+ defecit when building a stadium?

    So, no matter how much childish stamping of feet and ranting you do, you still cannot come up with a reasonable explanation of how there is going to be a profit from building this stadium.

    As a result of your childish response you have been put back into the special needs class, due to your petulant behaviour. You will have weekly assesments to see if you can return to the retards class.
    Your parents will be notified of this action but do have the right of appeal.

    You forgot the apple.

  12. bobs permalink
    July 27, 2012 8:36 am

    I always assumed he was using the money he saved by not paying tax anymore.

    Nice parralel between the care homes and day centres being shut for the elderley and the disabled due to low tax receipts and a tax avoider’s money being used for his own glory.

    Anyway, Rich you surely MUST accept that the whole deal of getting planning permission for a HUGE supermarket in an urban area and a HUGE building project on Greenbelt are both schemes to generate HUGE increases in land values and generate HUGE amount of cash out of the inconvenience to the local population.

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