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BRT bust-up …rerouted or pedestrians and cyclists still driven to the gutter?

February 13, 2013

The misguided shopping trolley of a BRT2 route is well on the road for a multi-million pound fudge-up. If the mayor thinks he can redesign it so that red-faced councillors that supported the crackpot scheme can save face then good luck to him. Not so his advisor Pip Sheard who has jumped ship or should I say jumped bendy guided land yacht prior to the mayors fudge the BRT2 meeting. No concrete highways for this lady, whose principles appear not for changing.
I can’t decide whether its better to keep in with the gnomes at Westminster and hoodwinking them into parting with millions, then spending it on a sensible transport scheme, or just biting the bullet and telling them to stick the cash up their foul smelling bendy exhaust pipes.
I prefer the latter..
And if the folks say what alternative would you suggest..what about the alternative off not pandering to the landowners business leaders and greedy developers agenda..the biggest mouthpieces for the road lobby, who appear only too happy to shovel the plebeian pedestrians and cyclists off their land and into the gutter.

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  1. Paul Bemmy Down permalink
    February 16, 2013 1:54 pm

    Well done to Pip. Once you start backtracking it only ends with nobody trusting your word on any subject. I’m really disappointed with the Mayor. I obviously was mistaken when I thought he said BRT was not the answer. This was a major issue and many people will feel let-down.

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