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Now fuck off-gate.

May 17, 2013

That woke me up…mayor Fergie politely telling dim oik to go forth and multiply.
He could have said ‘on yer bike son’ or ‘I say young man you’re frightfully ill equipped to hold a rational debate, did you spend all your student days in a drunken stupor like me?’

But no, fuck off it was, with a piss off thrown in for good measure.
Not quite sure why the response wasn’t ..’no, you fuck off’, to which the mayor could have responded ‘no youuu fuck off, I said it first’…

So I’ve done the first thing anyone does to see how the world reacts to being told to f-off by the mayor and ‘binged’ Bristol mayor fuck off.
Turns out the Bristol mayor has already told a council member to

‘Shut the fuck up’

What? Is red trousers a serial profanity addict?
It turns out that the Mayor of Bristol, Connecticut, by the name of Art Ward (don’t laugh) got a bit tasty with councillor Ken Cockayne (now you can laugh), and told him told him to shut the fuck up, when a council meeting was going ape.

This happened in April 2012 as reported by the eminently sensible paper that all Bristolians ask for..The Bristol Press

Scandalous. Red-trousers has resorted to copying last years headline maker from the USA.

Meanwhile back in the stomping ground of the effing mayor, the football club is pressing ahead to get planning consent for rebuilding the current stadium.
Costing a fraction of the overblown shed on the greenbelt, the club appears to have grasped reality and gone for the best option. Small print on the planning details yet to emerge but can’t see a major head collision like the bulldozing of green belt and monster hypermarket plans created.


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