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BRT2 ARMAGEDDON-South Bristol destruction derby nodded through.

July 15, 2013
Brt2 monster destruction pedestrians and cyclists under threat

BRT2 monster on route to devour pedestrians and cyclists

The nightmare of the monster sainsburies is becoming a distant memory. Grandchildren are seated round enthralled at the dark satanic tales of the orange monster and the poisoned air, the death of the high st.,the belching traffic, the green belt of destruction. The pork pies.
Then… the humble folk took to the streets, stood their ground to defend their neighbourhood against the odds and sent the monster packing (so far). What a story of David vs Goliath.

But That’s not the ending of the story.
The ending is this….a new worse monster
The revenge Monster….planned by berks in suits paid megabucks to draw a line on map for a concrete guided megabus. How can this happen unless the lunatics have taken over the asylum ?
You guessed it, someone really hates south Bristol. This is revenge on a massive scale. A monster concrete bus highway that will destroy the only safe vehicle free route from Somerset and all of Greater Bedminster to Bristol city centre. That’s true for the reverse and like the sacred Bristol Bath cycleway it should be enshrined in law as untouchable by the monster transport vultures.
These ridiculous concrete guided bendy buses should be sent along the normal road system which is already a no go deathtrap for pedestrians.
But oh no that’s too obvious to the suits, so they choose to destroy a safe footpath network used by thousands. The traffic free Ashton avenue bridge will become a belching death trap if the BRT2 monster goes ahead. One bus every minute will kill this bottleneck dead for the cyclist and pedestrians. There will be death and injury. Blood on the hands of the crazy nutters that are driving this Bonkers Rabid Transport Monster.

The elected councillors have proved to once again be impotent and caved in to the filthy lucre offered by the bent government and business vultures. Even the new mayor has caved in despite saving the precious harbourside from a BRT2 nuking.
Can’t just blame the poor old mayor, but he must be lacking in the trouser department when it appears all the city wants BRT2 ditched yet the only thing that gets the well deserved fuck off treatment is a spotty student.

I have fallen asleep.
I have woken up.
The lunatics are once again running the asylum.

BRT2 monster Bristol destruction

The BRT2 that couldn’t die.


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