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Fed-up Abrahams hijacks well-fed Pickles

September 14, 2013

My dabble in Brevity being the soul of wit may have been just that. The champion of democracy ‘whinger’Abrahams has blasted his trumpet in the Toasted Post, a veritable horn of Jehrico aimed squarely at the judicial system. More of a whimper in reality. Abrahams assertions require immediate Trashing.

Peter Abrahams has an issue with judicial reviews it would seem.
Judicial reviews about green belt and TVG.
Judicial reviews about proper process of local councils.
Judicial reviews about Monster crazy hypermarkets?
Maybe..certainly judicial reviews about dodgy decisions by local council Public Rights of Way committees, the ones chaired by um… Abrahams? They are the worst kind of judicial reviews.

I don’t know why his obsession with local democracy is so wrapped up in monster supermarkets whose sole aim is to Hoover up and destroy local shopping streets. There’s not a lot of goodwill from these multinational dinosaurs towards local democracy. Why else would they force through these massive developments on the back of a spurious enabling argument that cash strapped football clubs can only build new stadia if the monster hypermarket gets built?

Abrahams you need a reality check. Go tell Pickles that you are fed up with monster supermarkets circumventing local planning laws. Tell the Tory giant that you’re fed to the back teeth with billionaire developers unfairly getting permission to concrete the green belt. And have a good old bellyache about the bonkers BRT2 metrobendybus destroying safe public rights of way and the City heritage.

Seems like the grandiose pontificating from the failed mayoral candidate is more sour than grapes. The Jericho blast is but a failed whimper from the rams horn. The gates are not about to fall.

  1. harryT permalink
    September 14, 2013 10:02 am

    The Mayor’s election was a straight fight between:

    Marvin Rees – pro BRT, pro greenbelt stadia, pro supermarket expansion to facilitate greenbelt stadia


    George Ferguson – anti BRT, pro redeveloped stadia and anti supermarket generally.

    Then Ferguson was elected without any party backing by loads of tiny minorities across the city and against 3 main parties all calling for new stadia/supermarkets/BRTs

    And when Ferguson suddenly promoted the BRT and supermarket expansion, those who object are called “anti democratic”. And the media promote this as the truth, ignoring the pre election manifesto and the fact of his election on that manifesto, apparently by the minority.

    This is a robbery of democracy. Those who call for the end of laws to challenge the robbery of democracy and those who attack the “tiny minorties” are leading us to fascism.

  2. September 14, 2013 12:45 pm

    Yep..big load of democracy robbing going on. Even a private army coerced into it with a handy bit of violence, intimidation and small minded regional racism.

    If ‘Trash’ want to use their democratic right to peacefully challenge a stitch up then good luck to them. Why portray this as un-democratic when its the property magnates using every trick in the book to dodge around planning law?
    The BRT2 is the daddy of undemocratic stitch ups.

  3. Paul Bemmydown permalink
    September 15, 2013 2:35 pm

    Somebody signed away millions of our hard earned “readies” to North Somerset to basically assure BRT2 could not be ditched. Ditch it, we pay, have it, we pay. The damage was done before George took over and I doubt he was aware when he made his claims to find an alternative. The question should be, who and why?

  4. September 15, 2013 10:41 pm

    I don’t get why Bristol the capital of the West Country, the Green Capital of Europe, should be running scared of the surrounding county councils? As if the Punch and Judy show at Weston would jump off the end of their pier and sail up the Avon with a donkey charge of suits and writs for compensation. And who’s really afraid of the other carrot crunching councils who want to rip up our footpaths and spend all our money. No offence other councils, but this BRT metro bus nonsense has got to stop.
    The officials who chose to waste so much money on this obselete junk, now they should be a tad bit afraid of answering a few questions.

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