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Mental monster supermarkets

September 26, 2013
Crazy mental hypermarket zombies

Crazy mental hypermarket zombies

Monster supermarkets have complained that they are being depicted as crazy and mental by normal Bristol residents. They say that phrases like “The Butcher of Bedminster” and “The Cheltenham Rd Chainsaw Massacre” are not accurate descriptions of them or their businesses.
Spokesman Boris Karloff Abraham spoke about them as cosy community loving cuddly philanthropists, not bloodsucking vultures. “If I hear anymore of this nonsense from they local resident nutters I’ll have them carted off by cannibal meat counter colleagues faster than you can say Barrow Gurney. The public love us and our underhand methods of wiping out high streets, just ask any of the thousands of zombies who get used by us every day”.
Meanwhile in a gloomy sanatorium on a rainswept island, Stephen ‘King’ Loons-down is contemplating The Fog of Ashton Vale Meadows.
The dreams of a 40,000 capacity mausoleum of the undead has had a stake driven below the green belt, marked Town and Village Green.
“We’re all stark staring bonkers” he howled.


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