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Pumpkin faced Colin Skelletons Halloween nightmare

October 22, 2013

Jobs monster nightmare

Jobs monster nightmare

The orange man, head gob of the tiny brained Incest of England partnership has been on the absinthe again. He’s off on one blathering about the billions of jobs to be created by a new link road to nowhere. And how the ozone depleting permanent traffic chaos will ‘open up’ the green belt to development, presumably by chaps like John Butlin who’ve been grabbing the land with zionistic glee readying for the payday.
I heard that Skeleton was a bit quiet on the Temple Quarter jobs debate. He promises a few thousand jobs there as well but when challenged by existing companies who have employed people for years like the wood recycling project and the Severn Project er..well they’re not the real kind of jobs he means.
Those social enterprise type companies will be cleared out as there’s no room for lepers and plebs who create work at the grass root coal face when there’s virgin development land candy up for grabs. Get ready for the goldrush as Skeletons mates go in a building frenzy of glass office blocks and make a killing. Bye bye social enterprises, you are not worthy of the great orange Halloween man.

So how did this expert on jobs get where he is now, in top paid fatcat jobs? Not fair to rake up the past but..ok here goes.
He got rich on water. Stuff that falls out of sky. Where there’s water there’s brass. The poor guy got raided by the Bill years ago for an apparently dodgy deal in flogging our water company to the Far East. Was cleared of wrongdoing I think as he convinced the beak that he really earned the cash amounting to over a million with advisor/ consultant type work. Not bad earnings for a couple of minutes on the phone or whatever.
I love Halloween and Colin Skeleton. Hope he knocks on my door, he’ll get a treat.


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