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‘Half-baked’ Charlotte Leslie tells porkies at PMQ

November 6, 2013

Snailsburys darling baked Charlotte cooked up a panful of lies at the prime ministers cauldron of braying donkeys today. I’m sure I heard her say that a small band of unrepresentative residents were preventing rovers building a new stadium. Call me more stupid than Camorens reply, but I thought a properly representative group of residents were challenging another bent decision by council planners in giving carte blanche to unrepresentative monster supermarkets to destroy local historic high streets?
The silly trolley dolly needs to withdraw her fingers from the monster supermarket self-service cash till. Righteous campaigners are NOT preventing the new stadium..the money men in suits are conning Baked C…they whinge for one reason…they want maximum bonus grubby cash from whatever source and dont give a shit about a gloucester rd meltdown and traditional shop genocide. Fact**They can start on the new stadium tomorrow, they got permission ages ago.
Gotta feel a bit for the hot potato Charlotte. Poor girls moment of parliament glory was nearly shouted down before she got past the first sentence. Was she wearing something revealing that the boozed-up yobs in the house approved?


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