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Another dodgy supermarket …another Judicial Review

November 15, 2013

The Stainsburies corporation has been dealt another blow in their insatiable drive for shopping imperial dominance..
The double whammy of both north and south Bristol’s most important historic shopping high streets getting wiped out by the vicious hypermarket vultures can be avoided.
North Bristol is fighting back with the kind of Blitz spirit that Greater Bedminster demonstrated… with steely determination not to see their region destroyed by the faceless and chinless moneymen in suits.
Trash horfield deserve support and admiration for taking on the city council planning decision, for challenging the bent process, for standing up for the local community.

The Post deserve utter condemnation in their attempts to once again whip up community hatred. They’ve a discredited and woeful record of reporting that plumbs the depths of misinformation and deception. They report that ‘a high court judge has ruled that a judicial review can proceed against Bristol Rovers plans to move to a new stadium’. UTTER GARBAGE!!
**FACT** the judicial review is about holding the city council to account for misrepresenting significant retail consultants advice on the retail impact of the new store. The same trick in fact that councillors pulled out for the Ashton Gate megastore (had the resources been available at the time, that would have been JR challenged with a good chance of winning as well).
But that’s too boring for a tabloid rag..they prefer to get football supporters riled and stir up community hatred.
Lets hope the rovers supporters are a bit more sensible and dignified than the minority of city supporters who rose to the bait. Rovers have the land and permission in place for a fantastic new can start tomorrow..I’ll get my tools out and start now if Nick Higgs mentions moth balls again. He needs to get his balls in gear and start building the stadium.
He can’t make the case that the destructive supermarket chain is enabling the new stadium, at the expense of ruination of a historic shopping area and community.
That ‘enabling argument’ has already been driven to death by the Ashton Gate saga. It is nothing but fanciful mythology, and piles of cash.


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