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Ashton Gate gets go ahead for rebuild.

November 19, 2013

About time, VE Ashton Gate.
Never in the football field of human vanity has so much time and money been wasted by so few.
I’m going to invoice the tax exile for all the hours I’ve spent on this project. All the sensible majority of fans who wanted to remain at their historic home can thank me for my efforts in preventing their move to the Clarks Pie stadium in the greenbelt.
Seriously this is the best option by far and what we’ve all said all along. Keep the stadium in the heart of the community. Where you can walk from your favourite pub or cafe and smell the atmosphere and excitement as you near the ground. City has bucked the trend for faceless overpriced out of town stadia with their overpriced concessions and prawn sandwiches.
This is the sustainable option where the ground will grow with modern facilities in a sustainable manner.
I wonder how many fans realise how close they’ve been to financial breakdown with the tipping point of the overblown new stadium. Think Coventry..that has been narrowly avoided and a solid sustainable base has been given the green light.

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  1. bobs permalink
    November 20, 2013 11:20 am

    Am waiting for Richard Lane to come on here and thank you.

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