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Propaganda, football, powerful elite…….

January 28, 2015
Captain Blatter

It’s interesting looking back. Does society progress?
Thinking of all the coverage today of the holocaust..the 70th anniversary of Auchwitz liberation.
I wouldn’t be so crass as to link today’s time with the 1930’s & 40’s Hitler Nazi death cult.
But it’s worth a moments contemplation.
Because there’s a small, maybe too minute to be considered relevant, but there nevertheless if your eyes are open enough to see it, there is a small window into a dark world of intolerance and hatred.
It’s maybe in all of us to some degree, who knows or would admit to it. Mostly we try to live in harmony and under rules of governance that our culture and civilised world has evolved into. But how quickly will the facade slip?

A Charismatic leader
A private army.
Death threats.
Windows broken.

We like to believe we are so far removed from the evils of dictatorship.
I do too. I like to think I would stick my neck out and say no. I like to think we live in a tolerant, principled and caring society. I believe in standing up for my democratic rights of free speech.

That’s all great words and good ideals.

And here is the unpalatable truth.
The truth is I have had to write this blog under a pseudonym….

But it’s not all bad! Football team is flying high. New addition of Bristol Rugby team are bashing all opposition, with civilised fans drinking in the stands sharing banter with opposition fans and not a copper or bar steward in sight.
Redevelopment of stadium is progressing well as Mr Lansdown ploughs dividends into the rebuild, fair play he never gave up.

Best of all though, Blatters FIFA are shown up as riddled with corruption. Remember the council desperate to get the corrupt tax dodging, brown envelope world cup circus to Bristol? How embarrassing Mr Simon Cooke.

Even better than best of all..Tesco would you believe it, the original bidders on the monster hypermarket have been exposed as massive fiddlers of their audited accounts. Who knows what other dodgy figures they tried to pass off…well we do, that is pretty much everything. Good Job the local community showed those losers the door.
And then how about the second biters of the monster cherry Sainsburies? They’ve just got cold feet over monster hypermarkets and are abandoning the giant out of town, high street killing megastores faster than the Russians moving into Crimea and Ukraine, which is pretty fast. Someone in the Sainsburies lot needs to sack himself, losers. At least they seem to be dropping Rovers in the shite as well so hey ho!

One last reflection. As a postscript. I ought to touch on propaganda as a weapon seeing as its in the title.
How powerful is an image?



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